Letter to the editor: Visual incendiary and physical violence must stop

We are all familiar with the expression “You are what you eat.” We are learning today, with extreme pain, that you are also what you consume visually.

Letter to the editor: A once-great nation must tackle many problems

America has been redefined by a new language and altered vocabulary.

Letter to the editor: Buying imported car on Presidents Day a bad choice

TV media have been bombarding us for weeks with ads “celebrating the president’s birthday” with the purchase of a foreign imported car.

Letter to the editor: Measure candidates according to 10 principals

Preceding the next Presidential Election you must vote the Swenson Precedent, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to restore this nation to its earlier greatness, armed with my strategic nation-saving platform and principles. Twelve score and six years ago o … (read more)

Letter to the editor: It’s time for a religious revival

Save out Sacred Structures — our churches, our souls, and their attendant congregations and communities at large, preserving our cultural and moral landscape that we may go forward and worship together forever.

Letter to the editor: New terms for society’s woes

The horrific pandemic that is ravaging this nation and the entire world has illuminated a frightening national state of affairs.

Letter to the editor: Walking on Nero’s path

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Trump puttered while the pandemic burned. On a more cheerful note, Trump has installed a new fancy neon sign on his White House lawn, which reads, “Now firing.” Rustan Swenson Shoreham

Letter to the editor: Science facts must now replace science fiction

We are all familiar with the tradition of the term Science Fiction dealing with imagined science and its impact on society and individuals. Now we are faced with and dealing with the physical phenomena of Science Faction: a sociopolitical ideology or abse … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Orwell church, a true community asset, needs help

From its earliest settlement and history Vermont has been defined by a powerful critical life defining sense of community with small self sustaining villages cropping up all across the state. This is the defining element of Vermont. A collective gathering … (read more)