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Letter to the editor: Measure candidates according to 10 principals

Preceding the next Presidential Election you must vote the Swenson Precedent, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to restore this nation to its earlier greatness, armed with my strategic nation-saving platform and principles.

Twelve score and six years ago our forefathers brought forth on the continent a new nation dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

In 1786, just three years after our independence, this country was facing a virtual collapse of its economy and loss of true sovereignty due to a grossly inadequate body of laws (The Articles of Confederation) and the growing encroachment of foreign capital. As a response, a few enlightened visionaries called for, and I quote, “an end to this national humiliation and imbecility.” A new Constitution was called for with the primary purpose of regulating commerce and trade and securing our sovereignty.

Let us once again in the “Spirit of 86” return our relevant laws and agencies of implementation to once again achieve their proclaimed function of serving the public good for ourselves and our posterity.

I propose here today, that, “Preceding” the next presidential election we adopt my ten theses. After much struggle and soul-searching, these ten principles evolved. I believe it critical that they be adopted by all sides of the political, Philosophical and moral spectrum that we may once again go forward in union … United as one nation under God, the United State of America.

  1. Strategic Resource Administration: Stewardship on national and local natural manmade resources. Exercises “The Spirit of 86” absolutely monitoring and managing strategic resources. Define what are strategic resources. Establish agricultural preserves. Currently tens of millions of acres of the U.S. land is being bought up by foreign corporations with little or no record of these transactions by the federal government. Ensure the absolute security and sovereignty of our technological and industrial resources.
  2. National Sovereignty Act. Define national sovereignty according to founding principles and evolved understanding. Establish and implement all institutions and resources to ensure sovereignty. Again, tens of millions of acres of American land are being purchased by foreign corporations with no national accounting or record keeping.
  3. Endangered Spaces Act. America loses three acres of farm and ranch land every minute. Many federally conserved national properties are being encroached upon daily. And, as mention, foreign corporations are buying tens of millions of acres. There must be an immediate cessation of agricultural land conversion. Further, all future attempts by foreigners to purchase our land shall be absolutely forbidden.
  4. MITUS Touch — Fiscal Franchise. Every dollar that comes your way. How you earn it, how you spend it, how you invest it. Every dollar effects the entire economy. Every citizen is morally duty-bound to exercise their “fiscal franchise.” That is, vote with every dollar by how you earn, invest and spend it. Ultimately exercising the MITUS Touch. That is, ensure that it is Made In These United States.
  5. Balanced Trade Act.
  6. Recology. The art, the science, the philosophy. The action of renewal, restoration and insurance of ever-enhanced, sustained and nurtured natural, cultural, moral and philosophical environments. One critical action component would be the “Community Conservation Corps.”
  7. HOPE. Reverence for life and dignity of life. All human life is precious from conception to ascension. End all homelessness. End all hunger. Offer affordable medical insurance for all. All citizens in turn are morally bound to exercise self-discipline in applying all standards for control of diseases, public and private. Education. Balance K through 12 education costs. Nationally. Right now. The per students cost by state varies from $6,000 to $19,000.
  8. Universal Tax Equity. All net profits and net earnings shall be taxed and balanced. Right now the chauffeur for a Texas oil magnate millionaire paid more total taxes than his millionaire employer. Three corporations netting $13 billion in profit paid not a single penny in taxes.
  9. 50%. Reduce climate-altering factors by 50% every year. Reduce unemployment by 50% per year. Nationally there are hundreds of thousands of buildings and structures, mostly unoccupied in various states of disrepair and deterioration from superficial exterior deterioration to substantial structural failure that threatened the very stability of the structure. There are millions of semi-employed and unemployed workers who are currently isolated from the labor market. We must urgently commence a program that will take the workers and train them in construction and maintenance skills. A great number of these structures will then become available for housing and subsequently house a countless number of newly craft-skilled workers.
  10. Bill of Responsibilities and Principles of Citizenship. This booklet is the embodiment of all the principles that made us a great nation and shall restore us to the Great United States of America again.

Rustan Swenson


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