Editorial: COVID’s back: Should masking be too?

ANGELO LYNN In the movie this winter, “Don’t Look Up,” a huge comet is approaching Earth on a trajectory that’s sure to cause cataclysmic destruction upon impact. The president, however, chooses to tell her supporters not to believe the scientists who are trying to inform the nation, and world, of the yet-unseen gigantic rock that will soon collide with Earth. The chant among the president’s followers becomes “don’t look up” — a parody of those who initially chose to deny the deadly threat of the Covid-19 v … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Anti-abortion quest is a power grab

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I really, really don’t want to write this column. I’m recovering from COVID, I’m tired, and I’m so, so angry. I have been involved in the fight for reproductive freedom for literally my entire life. My mom was a young mother in the la … (read more)

Climate Matters: McKibben says transitions unleash creativity

16th in a series Most of the time I’m writing about vested interest as the key obstacle to making the energy transition. And it is — without the endless campaign of delay, denial and disinformation from Big Oil and its friends, we’d have started making bi … (read more)

Clippings: What happens in the woods…

What happens in the woods stays in the woods. And that can be a problem. MATTHEW DICKERSON When I was young (many decades ago), if somebody asked a question that had a seemingly obvious answer, a common wisecrack reply was to ask the rhetorical question, … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Let’s take a stand against racism

When I was a teenager, after reading the “Diary of Anne Frank,” I always asked myself if I had lived in Germany in the 1930s, would I have spoken up and done the right thing. Right now is my 1930s. On May 14, 10 innocent lives were taken by a white suprem … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Please protest Planned Parenthood closure decision

Planned Parenthood in Middlebury just learned it is being closed in four weeks! It is being closed by the Board of Planned Parenthood Northern New England (PPNNE). This has to be protested. Planned Parenthood of Middlebury provides affordable, accessible … (read more)

Letter to the editor: COVID makes indoor graduation risky

This year will be the first time in the COVID-era when MUHS Graduation will be held unmasked, indoors without any COVID precautions. Apparently, the administration sees this as the right thing to do despite Vermont having one of the highest rates of infec … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Questions answered about proposed hut at Silver Lake

The Moosalamoo Association (MA) and Vermont Huts Association (VHA) would like to respond to concerns we’ve heard from fellow outdoor recreation enthusiasts regarding an overnight hut potentially being built near Silver Lake. The proposed site is on the ea … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Clinic’s closure is a terrible loss

I was shocked and dismayed to learn of the imminent closure of the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Middlebury. A story online cites the Planned Parenthood board of directors as deciding to close the Middlebury clinic and four other clinics in the state and o … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Measure candidates according to 10 principals

Preceding the next Presidential Election you must vote the Swenson Precedent, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to restore this nation to its earlier greatness, armed with my strategic nation-saving platform and principles. Twelve score and six years ago o … (read more)