Letter to the editor: A once-great nation must tackle many problems

America has been redefined by a new language and altered vocabulary.

E Plunder Us Unum

Pursuit of Pleasure

Confounding Principles

Dollar Diplomacy


One Nation Under Clod

In Clod We Trust

Unholy Matrimony

Land of the Expensive

Mediocracy of Virtue and Talent

Sub Prime and Gomorrah

We The People to Me The People

From Physical Distancing to Mental Distancing

Myself and My Posterior

Gone with the WIND — Wickedness, Infidelity, Narcotic Obsession, Demoralizing Depravity, Filthy Language, cursing, cursing, cursing

Freedom of Religion to Freedom From Religion

Liberty and justice for all (who can afford it)

Capitolism — the Seamless union of Capital and Capitol to the total exclusion of the People

Factions speak louder than words.

FEMA —Filthy Language, Evil Entertainment of Visual Immorality, language with cursing, cursing, cursing

If you are not satisfied with your comprehension of this new terminology, please consult your local Fictionary.

How do we rescue our nation from total physical and moral collapse? Reinstate the Ten Commandments and adopt the “Bill of Responsibilities,” the embodiment of what made America great and what shall restore this Republic to the Great Nation that we celebrate.

Rustan Swenson


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