Letter to the editor: It’s time for a religious revival

Save out Sacred Structures — our churches, our souls, and their attendant congregations and communities at large, preserving our cultural and moral landscape that we may go forward and worship together forever.

The very first public structure erected by the first Pilgrims was a church, which served as a house of worship and the meeting center for the community — from the very beginning, the heart and soul of the community.

Today many churches are suffering from dwindling congregation attendance due to a large variety of causes. Churches are threatened with shutdowns, abandonment and even sale for non-religious operations. Some are threatened with demolition.

We cannot survive and function without a heart and soul. Let’s turn this around and have a powerful, unprecedented revival.

Funding would be critical for this movement.

Let us restore and preserve our earliest and most critical tradition.

God bless America.

Rustan Swenson


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