MREMS seeks big change in funding

Middlebury Regional Emergency Medical Services wants to eliminate its annual Town Meeting Day funding requests in the 10 communities it serves, and replace that funding with multi-year contracts that will, in the short term, reflect some sizable per-capita rate increases.

Editorial: MREMS changes are needed

It makes sense for the Middlebury-based ambulance service, Middlebury Regional Emergency Medical Services, to change its system of funding as it recently proposed to the 10-member towns it serves.

Letter to the editor: Thanks for the rescue section

I would like to commend you on your fine publication. My family has lived in Addison County nearly forty years, and reads the Addison Independent, front to back, every week.

Bristol Rescue Squad calls rise 30% in 2 years

In August, the agency responded to around 100 calls, the highest monthly total in its history. And this reflects a larger trend within the organization, which has seen its annual call volume increase in recent years. 

Being a volunteer first responder is in their blood

In Sprague Huntington’s family of four, there’s a 75% chance you’ll come across an Emergency Medical Technician.

Granville emergency medical service becomes the Valley Rescue Squad

Emergency medical response and the rescue squad in Granville have undergone a transformation.

Mike Hendrickson: Restaurateur turned paramedic

For the past decade, Mike Hendrickson has worked as a paramedic at Middlebury Regional Emergency Medical Services, coming from Colchester Rescue, where he started as a volunteer EMT in 2010.

Thirty years on call: Service is part of LaPete’s family

NEW HAVEN — The end of July marked 31 years as a rescue squad volunteer for Lisa LaPete, the Head of Service for New Haven First Response.“I really take pride in being an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and serving to give back to community,” she said. … (read more)

College first responders ready to help in a pinch

“We actually — knock on wood — have not had to do one yet,” Middlebury College’s landscape horticulturalist and arborist Tim Parsons said.Parsons is referring to not having yet participated in a confined-space rescue, a term for a rescue in a place that i … (read more)