Letter to the editor: Ron Hallman much more than Porter spokesman

Editor’s note: The Letters Forum in the Independent is a place for correspondents to exchange information and opinions on issues of public policy and matters of broad public interest. As such, we don’t generally publish letters from a person extolling the virtues of a family member. We make a rare exception here because the subject of the letter, Ron Hallman, was a public figure who for three decades was for many the face of Porter Hospital as its principal spokesman; because we don’t often get a personal l … (read more)

Ron Hallman steps down from Porter Medical Center

MIDDLEBURY — After 32 years of service as the chief spokesperson and communications leader for Porter Medical Center, Ron Hallman stepped down from his role as Vice President for Communications and Engagement on Sept. 2.Through his hard work understanding … (read more)

Porter increases base wages

MIDDLEBURY — Beginning later this month, all Porter Medical Center employees will be making at least $15 an hour. This new minimum base wage, to take effect July 12, is part of a major effort by one of the county’s largest employers to boost its wages to … (read more)

Porter Hospital seeks ongoing support

MIDDLEBURY — Through the years, lifelong Middlebury residents Ben and Lois Foster developed a deep appreciation for Helen Porter Rehabilitation & Nursing. While he was alive, Ben showed his gratitude through service on the Porter Medical Center (PMC) boar … (read more)

Porter Medical Center patients allowed visitors – if they are vaccinated

MIDDLEBURY — After keeping most visitors from the hospital and nursing home for a year to guard against the spread of the coronavirus, Porter Hospital and Helen Porter Rehabilitation & Nursing today are easing some visitor restrictions. It is part of a lo … (read more)

COVID-19 blamed for $500k shortfall at Porter

MIDDLEBURY — Porter Medical Center President Tom Thompson is asking his managers to be frugal during the coming months in an effort to reduce a budget deficit produced in part by the COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent email to the PMC community Thompson noted … (read more)

COVID-19 turning anticipated surplus into deficit at Porter Medical Center

MIDDLEBURY — Porter Medical Center President Tom Thompson is asking his managers to be frugal during the coming months in an effort to reduce a budget deficit produced in part by the COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent email to the PMC community, Thompson note … (read more)

Porter doctors take on leadership roles

MIDDLEBURY — Porter Medical Center is adopting a new leadership structure that will invite more physicians input into management of the county’s hospital, nursing home and a dozen affiliated provider practices. It’s a move that Porter administrators belie … (read more)

Porter pursues diversity, inclusion

MIDDLEBURY — Porter Medical Center has created a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council to help the county’s hospital create a more just, welcoming and responsive place for people of all colors, nationalities and religions to work and receive healt … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Porter steps up against racism

Racism is a public health issue. Black communities and other communities of color have higher rates of newborn death, childhood illness, women dying in pregnancy and childbirth, and shorter lives with higher rates of severe illness. Porter, as a healthcar … (read more)

Porter frontline workers vaccinated

MIDDLEBURY — By the end of this week, Porter Hospital will have given out a combined total of 1,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses to its staff and other frontline healthcare workers, though state and federal authorities have yet to indicate when the vaccine will … (read more)

Porter vaccinates frontline workers

MIDDLEBURY — Porter Medical Center continues to dispense COVID-19 vaccines to its frontline health care workers at a brisk pace. By the end of Monday, 307 Porter workers had received their first of two shots. That figure includes 61 Middlebury EMS staff, … (read more)

Porter has begun virus vaccinations

MIDDLEBURY — Porter Medical Center administered COVID-19 vaccines to 193 of its frontline workers last week and was expected to inoculate another 150-170 this week, in what has become the first phase of protecting local health care professionals most like … (read more)

Friends raise $10k to help Porter, local eateries

MIDDLEBURY — Jessica Holmes and Amey Ryan have been thinking a lot about the toll the COVID-19 pandemic has been taking on folks working in Middlebury’s dining and health care sectors. Holmes is a Middlebury College professor of economics and member of th … (read more)

Porter seeks 600-plus vaccines for front-line workers

MIDDLEBURY — Porter Medical Center has asked for an initial 600-plus doses of COVID-19 vaccine to administer as soon as possible to its front-line health care workers, hospital officials confirmed on Friday. But while Vermont Department of Health (DOH) of … (read more)