Porter accepts hand-sewn masks; directions provided

MIDDLEBURY — It is not surprising that doctors and first responders on the front lines of the effort to contain the coronavirus pandemic are wearing facemasks to protect themselves around contagious individuals. But officials have been telling members of the general public that they didn’t need masks when grocery shopping or stepping out in public. Now the U.S. Centers for Disease Control is reconsidering that advice, according to news reports. Due to the rising number of cases of COVID-19, the disease caus … (read more)

College to house some hospital staff

MIDDLEBURY — This past weekend Middlebury College and Porter Medical Center announced preliminary plans to house some hospital staff on the college campus during the coronavirus pandemic. “We are working closely with Middlebury College operational leaders … (read more)

Tell health care workers you appreciate them

SPONSORED CONTENT MIDDLEBURY — Over the past month, Porter Medical Center has received many positive notes, emails and other expressions of appreciation to its staff, according to Vice President of Communications Ron Hallman. The hospital wanted to make i … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Porter prepares, is ready to serve

I am an ER doc. I am lucky. I work in a place where I get the chance to help people when they are worried, sick, or in pain. I get to work with members of an incredible healthcare team and solve mysteries, provide reassurance, and feel connected to my com … (read more)

A letter to Porter and our wider community

SPONSORED CONTENT A Letter to our Porter and Wider Community, I am grateful.  The current Porter Medical Center campus is oddly quiet, but the energy and purpose in the activities that are happening here is truly inspirational.  Every member of this hospi … (read more)

Local hospital accepting hand-sewn masks

MIDDLEBURY — In its COVID-19 newsletter on Thursday, Porter Medical Center said that it was now accepting hand sewn mask donations. We have been so grateful for our community’s outpouring of support to Porter Medical Center in response to the Center for D … (read more)

Local businesses are making hand sanitizer for Porter Hospital

MIDDLEBURY — What do you do when a global pandemic tightens the market for your product so much that it forces you to pare back on manufacturing? If you’re the leaders of three Middlebury businesses, you plow your resources into making a hand sanitizer, a … (read more)

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

SPONSORED CONTENT A message from Ron Hallman on behalf of The Porter Senior Leadership Team: This morning while rounding in the hospital, I saw this poster taped to the wall in one of our public corridors. I actually stopped walking and paused—something t … (read more)

Porter Hospital ramps up for serious cases as virus spreads

*Update: According to the Vermont Health Department website, there are now three confirmed cases in Addison County as of Monday morning.* MIDDLEBURY — Porter Medical Center continues to prepare for a potential influx of coronavirus patients. The instituti … (read more)

COVID-19: What you need to know

SPONSORED CONTENT The outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a new coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is cause for concern but not panic. The UVM Health Network Porter Medical Center is working with the Vermont State Health Department and our Network coll … (read more)

What it feels like to be tested

Let me start by saying this: Please don’t just drop into the drive-through test center at Porter Medical Center. If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 — fever, a dry cough, shortness of breath — please call your primary care physician first. The test ce … (read more)

First case of coronavirus identified in Addison County

MIDDLEBURY — Porter Medical Center on Wednesday morning announced the first case of coronavirus in Addison County. Tom Thompson, Porter’s Interim President and COO, announced the Vermont Department of Health told Porter that an individual in the community … (read more)

Hospital and Helen Porter limiting visitors

MIDDLEBURY — Helen Porter Healthcare & Rehabilitation (HPHR) on March 12 began limiting visitors to cases involving terminally ill patients, with exceptions for situations when a visitor is deemed essential for the resident’s emotional well-being and care … (read more)

Porter intensifies coronavirus prep

MIDDLEBURY — A Middlebury Union High School student is but one of several Addison County residents to undergo testing for potential coronavirus infection, though fortunately no one locally has thus far tested positive for the disease that is sweeping acro … (read more)

Porter Hospital’s interim leader promises action

MIDDLEBURY — Tom Thompson began his career as a healthcare administrator more than three decades ago serving short-term stints as the CEO of small hospitals in the Midwest. This primed him for future, long-term leadership roles at medical institutions fro … (read more)