Community Pet Clinics come to Middlebury to help bridge gaps

A partnership of pet advocates as developed the first ever Community Pet Clinic for Addison County’s transient pet owning population.

Homeward Bound sets strategic plan

Addison County’s Humane Society is in the process of launching a new three-year strategic plan to maximize shelter operations and services to help the most vulnerable animals.

Clippings: Loss of pet is loss of strong bond

I have often thought that humans have an innate desire for communion and communication with other creatures.

Ask a Master Gardener: Plant toxicity and pets

Philodendrons and other houseplants are toxic to puppies, so need to be placed out of reach with a gentle reminder not to touch. photo / Jodi Larison In their book, “How to be your Dog’s Best Friend,” the Monks of New Skete suggest that for many people, d … (read more)

Affordable spay and neuter services available in Middlebury

Homeward Bound, Addison County’s Humane Society, is expanding PetFIX, the shelter’s affordable spay/neuter program.

It’s pet dental health month

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and the Vermont Veterinary Medical Association wants to remind pet owners that dental disease affects dogs and cats much the same as humans.

Get your pet a microchip

Homeward Bound, Addison County’s Humane Society, will offer their 2023 Rabies and Microchip Clinics again this year.

Pets feel pain; learn how to manage it

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. Pain comes in many forms: arthritis, cancer, post-surgery, acute injuries, and chronic injuries.

Adopted pets get new gear

Starting last week, all dogs, cats and small animals adopted from Homeward Bound Addison County’s Humane Society will be provided with “Going Home” gear courtesy of IPJ Real Estate.

New Haven man doubles Homeward Bound fundraiser with big check

WVTK’s Ca$h for Paws fundraiser got a surprise call that netted a big donations for animal aid.

Lessons from loss: healing after a beloved pet dies

Don Glauber led a discussion about healing journeys from the loss of a beloved pet.

Our family animals: Goodbye, Kitty

I never imagined I’d be a full-grown woman, weeping in my car over the death of my cat. But here I am. Kitty (real name: Haley) was 22. An ancient wonder-creature. A magical cuddle-beast. The runtiest one-eyed fur-angel that ever skulked the earth. We ado … (read more)

Get the picture, help support the artists

Middlebury Studio School is gearing up for the launch of its third annual spring fundraiser: Get the Picture. Again this year, community members can submit photos of their pets along with a minimum donation of $50 and receive a custom portrait of their pe … (read more)

Homeward Bound’s first adoption of 2022

Callie, a five year-old female calico cat weighing 9 pounds, 7 ounces was adopted Jan. 4, at 11:46 a.m., by Brie Heath of Vergennes.

Year in Review: 15 adopted pets

Here are just 15 of 1,210 animals Homeward Bound served in 2021.