Student promotes composting at her school

Cassandra Guillemette’s work has been recognized with the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor a high schooler in Girl Scouts may earn.

Monkton Central School gets a new principal

MONKTON — Despite increasing uncertainties arising from the coronavirus pandemic, Monkton Central School (MCS) will see a smooth transition in leadership this summer. Mike Lansing will take over from Besty Knox as principal of that school on July 1. “I am … (read more)

Monkton names principal finalist; meet him Monday

MONKTON — The Mount Abraham Unified School District has selected a finalist for the Monkton Central School principal position, and Monkton residents will get a chance to meet him next week. Michael Lansing, who is currently an elementary school principal … (read more)

Monkton students learn the value of yoga

MONKTON — Yoga and mindful movement has some excellent benefits for children and adults in the classroom. Yoga can help reduce anxiety and improve focus in students.  Some of teachers at Monkton Central School have started using movement and mindful medit … (read more)

Monkton fights the ‘Wild Parsnip Battle’

MONKTON — “Is it weird to find it therapeutic?” asked Whitney Leighton earlier this month, after she had spent an evening helping pull up wild parsnip in Morse Park, near Monkton Central School. Leighton is one of 16 or 17 Monkton residents who have at on … (read more)