This book will knock you out

“I’m probably the only author on Earth promoting his book by saying it will put you to sleep,” quips Middlebury’s Ted Scheu, AKA That Poetry Guy.

Editorial: Skatepark — That’s the spirit

The group involved, calling itself the Middlebury Skatepark Coalition, currently has 50 members and has set this Friday, April 29 (at the Ilsley Library community room at 5 p.m.) as an informational meeting to get the ball rolling.

Take a hike and meet other moms

Physical therapist Davida Murray is offering another way to support and connect local moms: a hiking group. The informal, free series is aimed at giving local mothers an opportunity to be active outdoors, and to connect with one another.

Bram wants YOU to write a spooky story

Bram Allen is eight years old and he loves horror. “I think it’s because I was born in October, and that’s when all the scary stuff happens,” he explained. When Bram learned recently that Mary Shelley only wrote Frankenstein because she and her friends we … (read more)

The Smiths light up the night in Salisbury

SALISBURY — When I called Wayne Smith to ask him about his magnificently over-the-top holiday lights display, which I had visited for the first time the night before, he said incredulously, “How long have you lived in Addison County?! And this was your fi … (read more)

Homeschooling 101: The experts weigh in on how to begin

This story first appeared on We were sitting in the car at A&W, waiting for milkshakes — while our daughters wreaked havoc in the way back — when my husband said, “I think we should think about homeschooling.” It was back in July. Back befor … (read more)

Talking to kids about race and justice

When Trayvon Martin was killed in Florida in 2012, Joanna Colwell’s daughter was 11 years old. Just old enough, Colwell recalled, to walk by herself to the store in East Middlebury for a Snapple. “It was not in my consciousness that she could be the victi … (read more)

MiniBury: What to do when you’re stuck at home

Local schools are now closed, until at least April 6, to contain the spread of COVID-19. Libraries are closed. Restaurants are closed. Many parents are scrambling for childcare, or scrambling to suddenly homeschool their children, or just scrambling to st … (read more)

Editorial: Connecting with parents through MiniBury

We’ve long admired the creation of MiniBury, an online source for all-things to do with raising kids in the greater-Middlebury and Addison County area. For the past eight years it has been a valued resource among that ever-changing cohort of county reside … (read more)