Letter to the editor: Masks need to cover noses, too

I applaud the Commodores boys’ soccer players (photo on Page 2A, Oct. 1 Addison Independent) on their gusto but, as has been pointed out ad nauseum, if you’re not covering your nose you might as well take the mask off.  John Pratt New Haven

Letter to the editor: Note to GOP candidates: Masks protect constituents

I read with interest the biographies of the Republican candidates for Vermont Senate from Addison County, Jon Christiano and Peter Briggs. I have one point that I believe is worth discussing and that is the wearing of masks during our current epidemic. It … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Yes on guns but no on masks?

I just read Christopher Ross’s piece on mask wearing in Bristol. I agree with the wearing of masks in public. It is such a simple and proactive measure to take and agree it should have been mandated long ago, but understand our governor’s position, too.  … (read more)

Gov. Scott mandates face masks in state

VERMONT — Maura Donnelly, who owns the Bristol children’s shop Simon Says on Main Street, was pleased that Gov. Phil Scott has mandated Vermonters to wear masks in public beginning Aug. 1. “I think it’s awesome,” she told the Independent on Monday. “Very … (read more)

Editorial: Mask up to open up

With Gov. Phil Scott’s declaration that everyone in the state should don facemasks when inside public establishments and when social distancing is not possible outside, Vermont just might be one of the few states to stay ahead of this pandemic’s rapid spr … (read more)

Scott mandates masks in public

Gov. Phil Scott on Friday ordered people in Vermont to cover their faces when out in public. The Republican governor said that while Vermont’s COVID-19 infection rate is still among the lowest in the country, a rise in cases elsewhere in the U.S. has put … (read more)

Guest editorial: Of liberty and masks

If government makes you wear a facemask to help ward off the spread of the coronavirus, has it trampled on your freedom, your personal liberty?  If government decides, instead, to forgo a legally enforceable mandate on mask wearing, has it trampled on you … (read more)

Masks not mandated at polls in Ferrisburgh

FERRISBURGH — After a discussion likely to play out around other selectboard and council tables around Vermont in the weeks to come, the Ferrisburgh selectboard on Tuesday stopped short of requiring town residents to wear masks when they cast votes in upc … (read more)

Dems knock Scott for no masking order

The top contenders for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in August are criticizing Gov. Phil Scott for his reluctance to mandate face coverings in public spaces, even as almost every other governor in the Northeast has come around to the idea.  Scot … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Wearing masks needs no debate

It’s remarkable to me how guidance to put a cloth covering on our face sparks debate, resentment or even anger. Why is something so trivial so hotly contested? Why do those who refuse to do so feel shamed by those who do? Perhaps it’s because the perceive … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Gov. should continue good leadership, require masks

Regardless of political persuasion and a strong belief in individual rights, the novel COVID-19 virus only seeks cells to invade in any host available. It is a successful and sneaky expert in doing so. We have the freedom here to use medical knowledge and … (read more)

Middlebury opts for resolution to support masks

MIDDLEBURY — The Middlebury selectboard on Tuesday unanimously endorsed a coronavirus-related resolution directing all people to wear face coverings in public settings (or outdoors) in Middlebury where it isn’t possible to maintain a 6-foot buffer between … (read more)

Rebekah Irwin IDs masked locals and wins drawing

In this past Thursday’s edition we ran a little contest in which we showed 13 pictures of local folks wearing masks, and we asked readers to identify them by just their eyes. Thanks to the all those who entered and to the good sports who let us run their … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Wearing masks mitigates risks

In a June 4 letter to the editor, Peter Ryersbach discouraged use of face masks as a means of preventing community spread of COVID-19. I have known Peter for many years, probably meeting him in my days as an HIV/AIDS prevention trainer, and respect his wi … (read more)

Letter to the editor: We must all stay informed about ways to avoid COVID

I’m going to discuss an issue that may bring up strong feeling in many readers, including disbelief and anger. I do not do this to make anyone angry or to diminish anyone’s strong feeling that they are doing what is best for their community. I believe in … (read more)