Lincoln school board elects new chair, talks budget

Lincoln School District officials are optimistic that the changes to the state’s education funding formula outlined in Act 127 won’t have a major impact on the district’s budget for Fiscal Year 2025. 

Lincoln expands school board and talks district funding

More than 50 excited Lincoln residents filled Burnham Hall this past Thursday for the Lincoln School District’s first annual meeting, an event typically held as part of Town Meeting Day in March.

Letter to the editor: Starksboro info was misleading

Superintendent Reen continues to mislead and scare MAUSD voters.

Local math whiz helps redraw Vt. voting map

LINCOLN —  With the goal of adhering to a “one-person, one vote” standard, the decennial reapportionment of legislative districts is “largely a mathematical exercise,” according to the Vermont Secretary of State’s website.If that’s the case, Lincoln’s Jea … (read more)

Letter to the editor: A community school teaches lifelong lessons

While I didn’t have the good fortune to attend elementary school in Lincoln, the current discussion about this wonderful heart of the community has reminded me of my own experiences attending a neighborhood school: being walked to kindergarten by my older … (read more)