Webinar explores resilient home landscapes

Noted landscape consultant Dan Jaffe Wilder will present a virtual four-hour workshop on Oct. 16 on building resilient home landscapes with native plants.

Gardening: It’s time to plant garlic

Here in Vermont, garlic is best planted in fall because of its need for a dormant period of two months below 40 Fahrenheit degrees.

Experts say there’s a heat pump for everyone

VERMONT — More than 20,000 Vermont homes and businesses have taken advantage of Efficiency Vermont’s heat pump programs since Jake Marin launched the first one in 2013, and more than 15,000 have installed heat pump hot water heaters. “There are lot of rea … (read more)

Eight ways not to use a heat pump

You might be surprised by some of the ways a heat pump works differently than a boiler or furnace. If you want to minimize your energy use and maximize your comfort, Efficiency Vermont offers a few tips on what not to do. 1. DON’T worry about the temperat … (read more)

Electric fencing offers protection for chickens

Keeping a small flock of chickens at home to provide eggs and meat has become increasingly popular, but many first-time small-scale poultry farmers are discovering that several species of wildlife like the taste of chicken as much as we do. The Vermont Fi … (read more)

Daffodil tsunami is a gift to us all

When spring sprang last month Vermonters were delighted to see flowers return to fill in select spots around their homes and properties. We noticed one small yard in Middlebury that was absolutely covered in daffodils, the quintessential spring flower. We … (read more)

Weybridge seed swap set for May 22

WEYBRIDGE — With folks spending more time in their yards and gardens over the past year, the Weybridge Energy Committee is offering an outdoor event for community residents to share seeds and plant starts and to learn about electric lawn and garden equipm … (read more)

Local home organizer helps spark joy

MIDDLEBURY — When we hear “home improvement” we often think of renovations or additions or other significant changes to the buildings we live in, undertaken by intrepid do-it-yourselfers or hired contractors wielding hammers and saws and beat-up radios tu … (read more)

Building suppliers see pandemic boom

ADDISON COUNTY — With a boost from strong real estate sales and homeowners motivated to improve their nests after spending more time than usual in them, the local construction sector has done well overall in the past year, according to owners of the count … (read more)

Get your property ready for some ‘backyarding’

“Backyarding” — that’s what they style mavens are calling a new trend that’s emerged during the pandemic. Our backyards are where we eat, work, play, relax and socialize, and the green spaces around our homes have proven to be vibrant places for connectio … (read more)

Rebates on tap for wood heat in Vt.

MONTPELIER — For those who are ready to opt out of and do their part to help the state meet its goal of 90% renewable energy by 2050, the state has announced that many rebates and incentives are available to Vermonters interested in switching to wood heat … (read more)

New guide offers tips on clean heating and cooling

MONTPELIER — Vermonters interested in heating their homes without fossil fuels have a new resource to help them navigate the path towards clean heating. The guide, titled “A Vermonter’s Guide to Residential Clean Heating and Cooling,” was produced by the … (read more)

Rebates now offered on heat pumps

COLCHESTER — Green Mountain Power (GMP) recently launched extra rebates on heat pumps for low- and moderate-income customers to make it easier for more Vermonters to cut carbon and increase comfort. GMP is adding to the success of its $400 rebate for each … (read more)

Design/build partnership paves way for Habitat home

VERGENNES — The latest evidence of a productive partnership among Habitat for Humanity Addison County, Middlebury firm McLeod Kredell Architects, and Ripton contractor Alex Carver stands proudly, all 100 square feet of it, on a lot in Vergennes subdivisio … (read more)

The 200-year-old Middlebury Community House gets TLC

MIDDLEBURY — While dozens of workers and huge cranes and trucks were populating downtown Middlebury this summer during the installation of a $73 million infrastructure project, another ongoing public upgrade might have flown under the radar — even if it w … (read more)