Middlebury Garden Club spotlights local gardens

Every year the Middlebury Garden Club gives awards to public and private gardens in Addison County. To be considered, a garden must be able to be seen from the roadside and cannot belong to a current member of the club. 

Home improvement: Keep your home warmer with window inserts

This year, you could consider installing window inserts, a crafty alternative to cranking up the heat or throwing on an extra layer. 

Home improvement: Gas co. giving away electric heat pump

Vermonters who want to upgrade their home water heater have a chance to win a brand new, highly-efficient electric heat pump water heater installed at their residence thanks to a contest held by Vermont Gas Systems, in celebration of its three decades as … (read more)

Compost using the lazy lasagna method

While doing your fall yard clean-up, envision and decide on an area for a new flower or vegetable garden or a space to relax.

Time to move houseplants back indoors

Did you know that many houseplants sold in stores are actually tropical perennials?

Home improvement projects get bigger

A sustained boom in home sales has seen many homeowners eschew minor or cosmetic renovations to enhance the value of their abodes, and instead focus on major overhauls or rebuilds to either capitalize on the current market or enhance their investment.

Free energy kits help you take steps toward a low-carbon future

Energy efficiency is the gift that keeps on giving, and Efficiency Vermont encourages Vermonters to treat themselves to some savings.

Service is linking energy efficiency and equity in Vermont

Capstone Community Action this month launched GreenSavingSmart, a new service connecting financial coaching with energy savings for low- and moderate-income Vermonters to ensure that a cleaner, greener Vermont is something everyone can be a part of.

The house vacancy rate is high in Vermont

The 2020 Census counted people where they were on April 1 of that year but it also counted where they were not.

Get some home repair help in Vermont

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has published the following list of programs and resources to help homeowners with home repairs and improvements.

Address lead paint in your house; seal it in or take it out

The Vermont Department of Health urges everyone living in older housing to seal in or get rid of old lead-based paint that may be coating walls, ceilings, window trim and other surfaces.

Jessie Raymond: Bright lights ruining restful nights

I thought for the holidays I’d get us a 30-foot strand of solar-powered lights — the kind with golf-ball-sized clear bulbs set a foot apart, like you might see strung across barn rafters at a country wedding reception or illuminating a Christmas tree lot … (read more)

Otterside Condos get a fresh new look

Ray Papandrea has been working eight months on renovating the surfaces of all six residence buildings at Otterside Condominiums, replacing old wood surfacing from the 1970s with a fresh white vinyl look that also gives Otterside enhanced insulation.

Scott Flynn named lumber person of the year

This award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to the lumber and building materials industry as well as to his or her local community.

Now is the time to plant for spring

The leaves are turning to their autumn glory and it’s nearly time to put the garden to bed. But wait.