Daffodil tsunami is a gift to us all

REBEKAH IRWIN RELAXES on the porch in front of her Seminary Street home in Middlebury among the 500 daffodils she planted in her modest front yard. She said the marvelous spring display was a gift to her neighbors. Photo by Paul Dahm

When spring sprang last month Vermonters were delighted to see flowers return to fill in select spots around their homes and properties. We noticed one small yard in Middlebury that was absolutely covered in daffodils, the quintessential spring flower.
We asked homeowner Rebekah Irwin how the yard in front of her Seminary Street home came to be blanketed in such an amazing display of gold and green; here’s what she said:
I’m thrilled that my daffodils caught your eye.
They are new. While people around me obsessed over making sourdough bread this past year, I was consumed with the delayed gratification of fall bulbs.
At some point this last year, I read about ancestral daffodils growing in England along roadsides and in marshy fields. I was obsessed with reproducing this untamed landscape. I purchased a bulk package of 500 mixed varieties and followed British YouTube videos describing techniques to recreate a “wild” disheveled appearance.
The steps: (1) Throw bulbs into the air. (2) Wherever they fall, plant them. (3) Repeat.
My flowers are “lite” comparatively. All 500 are daffodils, and they will multiply and return each year (I hope). I can mow when they die back in a few weeks.
It has been a gift to my neighborhood!

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