Itty Bitty Exhibit at Davis Library

Tiny books fit well into the hands of small children, they are easy to carry in your pocket (or even around your neck), and they feel special by virtue of their size. Depending on who you ask, not everyone agrees on which books qualify as “miniature.” While many serious collectors maintain a strict 7.6 cm height rule, the curators at Middlebury College’s Davis Library (and the Library of Congress) consider all books 10 cm in height or less to be miniature books. To show off some of these magnificent minis, … (read more)

Daffodil tsunami is a gift to us all

When spring sprang last month Vermonters were delighted to see flowers return to fill in select spots around their homes and properties. We noticed one small yard in Middlebury that was absolutely covered in daffodils, the quintessential spring flower. We … (read more)

New endpapers exhibit looks under covers

MIDDLEBURY — Daylight Savings Time is only a little more than a week away — get ready to spring forward. Spring… ha! It sure doesn’t feel like springtime yet. In fact, many of us may still be hunkering down under our covers during these chilly nights. Whi … (read more)