Holocaust Remembrance Day marked with screening of ‘Petit Rat’

In 1940, a French Jewish girl’s dream of becoming a ballerina is cut short by World War II.

Bristol to host Holocaust memorial event

At a time of rising antisemitism, hate and intolerance throughout the United States, Vermont students have begun to take on the responsibility of sharing the lessons of the Holocaust with their schools and communities.

Students petition for Holocaust curriculum

MONKTON — In January 1945, just months before the Buchenwald concentration camp was liberated by American forces, 16-year-old Jewish prisoner Elie Wiesel lay silently, fearfully in his bunk as his father was beaten to death in the bunk below. Wiesel’s fat … (read more)

Mount Abe teacher takes part in Holocaust conference

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Albert Zaccor of Bridport, a teacher at Mount Abraham Union High School in Bristol, is bringing back lessons designed to engage and promote students’ understanding of Holocaust history from the nation’s leading Holocaust education confe … (read more)