Letter to the editor: Guns & our culture are a risky blend

When I was twelve, my father gave me a shotgun to shoot at quail. I was told they were sporting and a good source of food.

Safe storage for firearms offered

Vermonters who need to remove firearms from their homes now have access to a renewed program that provides safe storage at sites statewide, the Vermont State Police and the Vermont Attorney General’s Office announced last week.

VSP to offer gun violence defense workshop

Learn actions to take to protect yourself and family members if you’re ever confronted with an active shooter or violent threat situation.

Letter to the editor: Gun law protests could include school boycotting

Last week on CNN the parents of one of the children gunned down at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas were interviewed about the impact of their loss.

Letter to the editor: Half-mast until a ban is passed

Driving today past the Mt. Abraham High School flag, flying at half-mast, I was reminded of the mass shooting in Highland Park, Ill., on July 4th.

Letter to the editor: No Roe, but weapons still readily available

Irony rules the day when the Supreme Court reverses its own ruling on abortion rights and many women, depending on which state they live in, will lose their personal freedom to decide their wishes, and possible punishment, if they go out of state for an a … (read more)

Locals react to court’s gun ruling

Last Friday, June 24, a team of Addison Independent interns/reporters took to the streets of Middlebury to find out how people were feeling about the Supreme Court’s ruling a day earlier that makes it illegal for New York state to require a gun owner to d … (read more)

Letter to the editor: The AR-15 is a killing machine

It must be banned.

Letter to the editor: Guns argument fails the test

In what bizarre alternate universe does the gun violence in America today resemble a “well-regulated militia”?

Guest editorial: Shootings are the convulsions of a society in decline

It is senseless, right? But what seems “senseless” to the witness observing it, frighteningly, must be sensible to the mind filled with hate and fear and clouded by illness. It is both sick and sickening.

Guest editorial: Gun proliferation is what has changed

In the wake of yet another mass shooting in the United States, we mourn the child victims and again ask: Why are we as a nation unable to effectively deal with the malignancy of gun violence?

Letter to the editor: Guns do not make us safe

This is not a foreign war. The terrorists are us.

Letter to the editor: Dubious honor: U.S. is the gun capital of the world

Just this week we all witnessed yet another terrorist attack. This time it was a white suprematist who killed thirteen individuals of which eleven were our black brothers and sisters.

Editorial: If reason prevailed, gun safety would too

If commonsense gun control legislation can’t convince Republican Senators to protect their constituents for fear of upsetting the gun lobby and white supremacists within their party, perhaps portraying the problem as a public health issue would be more pa … (read more)

GOP gun rights meeting to be held at Ilsley

The Addison County Republicans next week will host an event promoted as the “Gun Rights in Vermont” briefing in Middlebury.