Climate Matters: False solutions or a greener path for Vt.?

This has been a brutal year for many Vermonters, with waves of extreme weather driven by climate change.

Letter to the editor: Storms make need to switch to renewables clear

There is a direct connection between climate change and the massive rainstorms that have disrupted Vermont life this summer. 

Climate Matters: Vermont’s climate politics and the midterms

On paper it looks like Vermont has done a lot to address climate change. 

Letter to the editor: Don’t back conspiracies; vote for Jubilee McGill

Does Addison County want to be represented in the Legislature by a candidate who spouts conspiracy theories about the Covid vaccine; opposes women’s reproductive rights; and attacks expanded voting rights as “Progressive, Socialist and Communist plots”?

Climate Matters: Hard lessons in healing the climate

Studying our failures is as important as celebrating our triumphs.

Letter to the editor: ACSD board needs McCallum’s analytical skills

As the ACSD faces many challenges around funding and potential school closures, we are fortunate to have several well-qualified candidates. Among them is Jamie McCallum.

Letter to the editor: Church-goers, please worship remotely

I sincerely hope the Victory Baptist parishioners — and those subsequently infected with COVID — will recover. And that the church (and any others tempted to do in-person services) will conduct only-online services until we achieve herd immunity through v … (read more)

Letter to the editor: New restrictions make no sense

I have been a strong supporter of Gov. Scott’s efforts to curb COVID-19 in Vermont. But with his most recent dictum, something has gone awry. I hope the governor and his team will consider another approach. It makes zero sense to me that under the new dic … (read more)

Greg Dennis: Climate change and local businesses

When Vermonters switch over to drive electric vehicles and even electric tractors, what happens to our local garages and auto parts stores? EVs have fewer moving parts to go bad and need far fewer repairs. How will these businesses adapt and survive? Tran … (read more)

Greg Dennis: Why Trump will lose the election

Fear not, my fellow liberals: Donald Trump is a one-term president. If you believe, as I do, that anyone who says they know what will happen in the 2020 presidential election actually has no idea what will happen, then you can happily ignore the first sen … (read more)

Greg Dennis: When young old Boomers go skiing

We were booting up in the main lodge at Sugarbush on a recent weekday when Carol looked around at our fellow skiers. There was a lot of gray hair. Ever the joker, she wanted to know, “Do only old people ski here?” On weekdays, I said, that’s pretty much t … (read more)

Greg Dennis: Creating the anti-Trump candidate

Many of you (by which I mean none of you) have been asking how things are going with my presidential campaign. Today I’m happy to announce that to avoid confusion with another candidate from Vermont —I think his name is Benji something — I am changing my … (read more)

Greg Dennis: On climate, reasons for optimism

We’re accustomed to bad news about climate change. But as we round into 2020, the news ain’t all bad. While Vermont is nowhere near meeting its goal to reduce greenhouse-gas pollution — in fact our pollution levels are rising — we made some big political … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Solar editorial was off mark

I normally read Greg Dennis’s opinion pieces with a wry smile, impressed by his ability to poke fun both at himself and others in a light manner. But not this time. Yes, partly it was because Greg in the guest editorial in Monday’s newspaper was skewering … (read more)

Guest editorial: Support for proposed Middlebury solar site

It’s the season of joy and light. And among the most heartening local developments this year has been the proposal for a greatly needed solar energy field off South Street Extension in Middlebury.  Yet a small, vocal group of people warn us that we should … (read more)