Greg Dennis: The dirty practice of burning wood

My neighbor and I are at the northwest corner of my three acres, clearing out buckthorn. We stack that prickly invasive into piles of brambly cover for birds and other critters. We’re clearing out the buckthorn to provide a more gracious procession of big oak trees into our neighboring properties. But we also have other quarry, in the shape of dead elm trees that will fuel our woodstoves for a couple of winters to come. It’s a time-honored Vermont tradition: neighbors working together to keep themselves war … (read more)

Greg Dennis: A campaign going nowhere — but fast

I’ve been patient, I really have. I don’t bring it up with friends anymore. I no longer ask strangers for donations. But my campaign is going nowhere. So I figure it’s time to make some noise. Starting with this reminder to the Lamestream Media: I’m runni … (read more)

Greg Dennis: Taking the footnote challenge

A friend who works in academia told me that, having gained the job security of tenure, they have decided to write less about stuffy intellectual topics and more about low-brow subjects. (1) An added advantage to my friend’s new writing approach: They don’ … (read more)

Greg Dennis: Why marijuana is the new zucchini

The old joke goes that the only time you need to lock your car doors in Vermont is during the summer, because if you leave your car unlocked someone will fill it with extra zucchini from their garden. Now there’s a new plant that’s becoming just as common … (read more)

Greg Dennis: Finding hope amid the changing climate

In the race against time that is the worldwide effort to avoid the worst of climate change, there’s a lot to despair. Sometimes it seems every day brings more bad news about the seeming inevitability of global heating, food shortages and chaotic mass migr … (read more)

Greg Dennis: Social media and the climate movement

President Trump and his MAGA cult claim to hate social media. Liberals worry that it’s stealing their privacy. The El Paso mass murderer used it to spread lies he had read online about an “invasion” at our southern border. Older folks say they’re baffled … (read more)

Greg Dennis: The kids say, ‘Strike for climate’

It’s said that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time to plant a tree? Today. So it is with climate change. If our society had decided 20 years ago to do something substantial about climate change, we would be much safer now. … (read more)

Greg Dennis: Progressives ponder the perfect candidate

There’s a new parlor game among progressives these days, a question we often ask each other: Do you have a favorite candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination? Let’s call it “Worried Liberals Frantically Search for a Credible Candidate Who Won’t … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Laughter lifts a heavy heart

Regarding the article “A late bid for the presidency” by Gregory Dennis, published June 27: Thank you! Thank You, Mr. Dennis and the Addison Independent, which facilitated this via publication. Since the tragic and sorrowful incident and picture of a youn … (read more)