Holmes reflects on healthcare landscape

Vermont’s Green Mountain Care Board has the unenviable task of overseeing hospital budgeting while exploring innovations in the ways in which health care is delivered and paid for. There have been many changes in, and pressures on, the state’s health care system during the past two-plus decades, and Addison County’s Jessica Holmes is in her 10th year of analyzing and troubleshooting them as a member of the GMBC.

Guest editorial: What ‘unaffordable’ healthcare means in Vermont

Many Vermonters can’t afford healthcare and regulators and politicians aren’t doing anything about it.

Green Mountain Care Board chides OneCare for salary increases

Green Mountain Care Board members chided OneCare Vermont for its administrative costs and salary increases on Wednesday, as the board reviewed the accountable care organization’s 2021 budget. OneCare, a private company, has proposed to manage $1.46 billio … (read more)

Regulator says no to Porter budget

MIDDLEBURY — In a move that could have dire long-term consequences for Addison County’s nursing home, the Green Mountain Care Board (GMBC) on Tuesday rejected Porter Hospital’s request for a 5.75% increase in its commercial rate as part of its fiscal year … (read more)

Porter officials emphasize support of Helen Porter; will appeal GMCB directive

MIDDLEBURY — Porter Medical Center officials on Friday morning indicated that Helen Porter Nursing & Rehabilitation is not in imminent peril of closing in spite of its ongoing budget shortfalls, but said the facility will be in serious financial trouble g … (read more)

GMCB directive puts Helen Porter at risk

MIDDLEBURY — Porter Hospital officials on Tuesday, Sept. 29, will lobby the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) to reconsider its recommendation to pare back the hospital’s Fiscal Year 2021 budget request because it, in part, subsidizes operations at Helen P … (read more)