Editorial: Winning strategy for the GOP?

Among the many fascinating stories of the week is the rising chorus of big business leaders coming out against Georgia’s moves to restrict voting access, as well as other Republican-led state legislatures embracing similarly restrictive laws. Normally, the business world is content to throw their weight behind political candidates or parties on business policies that help their cause. But the Republican effort to restrict voting access in Georgia, in particular, has been a step too far for many. Major Leagu … (read more)

Editorial: GOP’s fate hangs in the balance

As the nation watches the second impeachment trial of ex-president Donald Trump unfold, it is clear that what hangs in the balance is the integrity, and perhaps viability, of the Republican Party. Of the party’s integrity, Trumpism has taken its toll thes … (read more)

Eric Davis: Will GOP let the economy run hot?

Last week, President Biden announced the outline of what he called the American Rescue Plan, a $1.9 trillion package of measures to speed up the response to COVID-19 and accelerate the pace of economic recovery. The package includes $1,400 stimulus checks … (read more)

Editorial: Trump leaves the GOP in tatters and disgraced

The scene Americans will likely remember of Trump’s disastrous four-year presidency will be when a mob of his supporters — egged on by Trump in an earlier rally — broke through the thin line of the capitol’s police force and stormed the nation’s capitol, … (read more)

Eric Davis: Is the GOP teetering on the brink?

Could President Trump’s rage-tweets against Republican governors and secretaries of state who have certified a Biden victory mark the beginning of a break-up of the Republican Party into pro-Trump and mainstream conservative factions? The Republican and D … (read more)

Letter to the editor: The GOP is different now

I too am a Vermonter, with family in VT before it became a state. However, I must take issue with last week’s letters re: Trump and Republicans. (Addison Independent, Nov. 19, “GOP’s evolution has become threat to our way of life”). As you may recall, man … (read more)

Letter to the editor: GOP’s evolution has become a threat to our way of life

While D. Jerk Trump is having Georgia recount the votes there, for a state that he has little chance of winning, and that won’t change the outcome of the election, let’s just reflect on reality here. Joe Biden is our president-elect, he received wide supp … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Scott is fine, but GOP is not

What’s not to like about Governor Phil Scott — he’s doing a good job with the pandemic, he watches the budget, and he drives a stock car. I like these things as a Vermonter who grew up within earshot of Thunder Road (I still remember Ronnie Marvin’s numbe … (read more)

Letter to the editor: GOP hopefuls dot 2020 ballot

It is an exciting election cycle this year in Vermont. Not only is it easier to cast your vote, but also, while in previous most years candidates have run for legislature uncontested, this election cycle we have Republicans running against Democrat/Progre … (read more)

Eric Davis: GOP threatens the health care of millions

Ten years ago this week, President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law. As the United States faces its greatest public health crisis in a century, the Trump Administration is actively supporting an effort by T … (read more)

Editorial: Dropping down the rabbit hole with Trump’s GOP

Here’s how to determine how far down the authoritarian rabbit hole we are as a country, and, on a local level, how far we each might be as individuals. On the national level, one simple test is to watch how the Republican Party responds to President Trump … (read more)

Letter to the editor: GOP backer knocks Senate

Having been a life-long Republican, I was very disappointed by our Republican Senators in the impeachment process. I am not a Trump supporter and never was. The way he treats people and insults Americans and our allies. The wall between Mexico and the Uni … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Impeachment process will help the GOP in 2020

“There you go again” was a phrase used by Reagan against Carter in the 1980 debates and is apropos today regarding Adam Schiff, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Even after the Mueller Report was released, Schiff still insisted that there was … (read more)

Editorial: Dragging the GOP to ruin

Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops in northern Syria — which allowed Turkey to execute a planned invasion across the Turkey-Syria border into an area protected in part by Kurdish rebels who have fought with American forces to contain ISIS — has … (read more)