Letter to the editor: GOP’s evolution has become a threat to our way of life

While D. Jerk Trump is having Georgia recount the votes there, for a state that he has little chance of winning, and that won’t change the outcome of the election, let’s just reflect on reality here. Joe Biden is our president-elect, he received wide support across the nation, and he literally blew Trump away with over 5 million votes! This is a mandate to wipe away the four awful years we had to endure the Fascist fool in the White House with his awful conduct and policies, his gang of corrupt lackeys and lap dogs, and total idiot supporters who Trump doesn’t really care about anyway and takes advantage of. 
In Vermont we can celebrate that we wiped him away again and helped save our country from total destruction, giving Biden almost 70% of the vote against the usual 30% “Take Back Vermonter” fringe.
My advice to all is that the ugliness of what the Republican Party has become over the past 40 years, starting with Reagan but amplified under Trump, continues to be a threat to our way of life, our freedoms, the rule of law, and basic decency. We need to be ever vigilant and beat back this organization at all costs in future elections. Unfortunately Phil Scott and Jim Douglas are throwbacks to the days when there were many good, responsible members of this party. But don’t be fooled. They are rare exceptions. It’s Trump’s party now, and we should never allow anyone remotely like him to ever be given the steering wheel again to steer our country, or even our state, over a cliff.
Now, once they drag Donald out feet-first, he can spend time, even when he’s locked up in some prison somewhere, on setting up his Online Presidential Twitter Library. But really, who would want to bother to read it other than a psychoanalyst.
Bruce Acciavatti

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