Ways of Seeing: The look of love is in his eyes

Our cat Buster loves meat. Raw meat. We adopted him because he was cute and cuddly, and because my husband fell in love with him.

Locals seek support in handling animal welfare

When around 30 cats were left in Monkton’s Morse Park this past April, residents quickly sprang into action to rescue the abandoned animals. But they struggled to find resources to get help handling the situation.

Pet tribute: Lucky Man of Middlebury

On June 8, 2023, we had to let you cross the rainbow bridge.

Clippings: ‘King among cats’ was truly loved

This one’s gonna hurt. Our beloved cat, Bart, was hit by a car last week. He didn’t make it.

Shelters partnering to prevent unwanted kittens

Homeward Bound, Addison County’s Humane Society, the Rutland County Humane Society (RCHS) and Community Cats Podcast have partnered up for a cat Neuter-A-Thon during the month of April.

Letter to the editor: With decent nutrition, cats can live a very long time

I’ll say that, in my estimation, 15 years is way too young for a cat to die from health problems.

Clippings: Loss of pet is loss of strong bond

I have often thought that humans have an innate desire for communion and communication with other creatures.

Pet spotlight: Vermont

Vermont has been at the shelter longer than any other cat currently in residence.

Letter to the editor: Recent letter about stray cats appreciated

I’m writing to commend Erica Langston on a thoughtful and thorough letter regarding the factors to assess when considering if a cat is truly stray and in need of help or if he or she is part of a family who chooses to allow outdoor time.

Letter to the editor: Guidance needed on the handling of outdoor cats

As the owner of an indoor-outdoor cat, I know the responsibility is on owners to help the community identify which cats have a home to return to.

Mother and daughter in Addison save feral cats

Facing eviction from their current home in Addison, Caitlin and Bella Porter fear that their vision of reducing the feral cat population has been put under jeopardy.

Jessie Raymond: Housecat is head of household

When it comes to humans and cats, we all know who’s in charge. In our house it’s our gray shorthair, Lily.

Dear Homeward Bound: What’s a ‘community cat’?

Dear Homeward Bound,I’m confused! I always thought that cats were cats but the other day I saw a documentary about colony of “community cats” in San Francisco and in the show they were talking about feral cats, working cats, community cats, house cats, an … (read more)

Keep cats out of the garden

Whatever your feelings about felines, chances are you probably don’t want them digging up your garden. So, what do you do?Cats really aren’t out to destroy your beloved perennials or garden vegetables. What they really like is the dirt. Most cats think th … (read more)

Cats need enrichment, too

Indoor cats have specific environmental needs that are necessary to be addressed to keep them happy and avoid common behavior problems. A cat who feels both comforted and stimulated by its environment is one that is happy and properly enriched. A good cat … (read more)