Guest editorial: Sen. Leahy castigates colleagues who would deny women health care equity

This is a debate about the Women’s Health Protection Act. Protecting women’s health. Protecting half America’s population in their right to seek the health care they require. Protecting their ability, half of America, to make decisions about their own bodies. 

Ways of Seeing: Choice makes America great

In 1948, my grandmother married my grandfather. Soon after, they had their first child. He was the first of ten.

Letter to the editor: Vigil for reproductive justice powerful, inspiring

On Wednesday we attended a Vigil for Reproductive Justice held on the town green. It was organized by pastors Andy Nagy-Benson and Elizabeth Gleich of the Congregational Church, UCC. Pastor Elizabeth led the event, and she was joined by Emily Joselson and … (read more)

House hopefuls back Roe v. Wade

Each of the four top Democrats vying to succeed U.S. Rep. Peter Welch as the state’s lone Congressional representative is working hard to craft a unique appeal to voters.

Letter to the editor: Vote against Proposition 5

Some would like to add an amendment to our Vermont Constitution, which, in part, protects the killing of unborn children.

Letter to the editor: Support urged for Reproductive Liberty Amendment

Amending the Vermont Constitution, our state’s strongest legal document, will protect the reproductive liberty of all Vermonters.

Letter to the editor: Take steps to avoid abortion

I continually hear women yelling about being able to be in control of their own bodies. Well, please, take control and prevent that body from becoming pregnant. It’s easy, birth control pills, condoms, hysterectomy … a baby doesn’t have control over his … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Let’s address causes for abortion

A fellow parishioner was challenged in the parking lot at our church because she had a Planned Parenthood sticker on her car. “You can’t be a Catholic with that bumper sticker!” She replied “It’s not that simple” — for the Church or Planned Parenthood. Wi … (read more)