Letter to the editor: Article 22 would ‘usurp parental rights’

Just one year ago, Vermont Family Alliance testified against Article 22. The following questions were asked and not answered until H89 was introduced on January 24, 2023.

Letter to the editor: Article 22 is not equal for all

Could Article 22 give men equal rights to choose?

Letter to the editor: Article 22 will protect care

Reproductive autonomy — the choice to determine when or whether to become pregnant — is a medical decision.

Letter to the editor: Article 22 would give power to unelected officials

If outspoken proponents of Prop 5/Article 22 are right, it will be the first constitutional amendment that will actually take away Vermonter’s individual rights.

Letter to the editor: Keep choice alive in Vermont

Letters and commentaries attacking Article 22/Prop 5 are usually self-contradictory and disingenuous.

Letter to the editor: Proposition 5 is vague, dangerous and unnecessary

I do not want any “compelling State interest” to make decisions for me regarding my health care.

Letter to the editor: Let’s reboot abortion discussion

Why is abortion so controversial?  Opponents and proponents of abortion both tend to obscure the core problem. 

Letter to the editor: Reproductive Liberty Amendment has problems

Though I regret the lack of nuance that has permeated the abortion debate for decades, I unequivocally support the right of a woman to obtain a safe and legal abortion, and I stand firmly in the camp of those who would allow a woman to decide, with her he … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Vote ‘yes’ on Proposition 5

I’ve been a Vermont nurse for 35 years and have worked in three Vermont hospitals.

Editorial: Why vote yes on Article 22? Because it’s a woman’s burden, not the state’s

Ignore the noise and focus on the principle being argued. That is, the amendment simply and plainly gives women personal control of their reproductive rights. 

Legislative Review: Don’t let misinformation sway you on reproductive health vote

One of the most important items on our ballots this year is a proposed amendment to the Vermont Constitution that would enshrine the right to personal reproductive liberty in our state’s constitution.

Letter to the editor: Article 22 is unnecessarily vague

Any constitutional amendment we are asked to vote on should be clear in its meaning and its intent.

Letter to the editor: Women’s Center unfairly targeted

Recent events that have taken place both on the campus of Middlebury College as well as in the community have risen to a level that must be addressed.

Letter to the editor: Abortion rights seen as better of two approaches

Not many people would say that abortion is good, and most people would say that abortion is bad. However, in life there are bad situations and worse situations.

Letter to the editor: Article 22 will affect hospitals

“Dangerous misinformation” is indeed being offered, but by Dr. Till.