Letter to the editor: Women’s Center unfairly targeted

Recent events that have taken place both on the campus of Middlebury College as well as in the community have risen to a level that must be addressed.

Letter to the editor: Abortion rights seen as better of two approaches

Not many people would say that abortion is good, and most people would say that abortion is bad. However, in life there are bad situations and worse situations.

Letter to the editor: Article 22 will affect hospitals

“Dangerous misinformation” is indeed being offered, but by Dr. Till.

Letter to the editor: Love of Lives is in Everyone’s DNA; Article 22

The passage of Article 22 would allow stopping a beating heart, thus ending a life of a human being, to become part of our Vermont Constitution.

College art exhibit backs women’s rights

The exhibit “Visualizing Reproductive Justice: A Call to End Fake Clinics” will go on display for a week beginning Tuesday, Sept. 27, in the Winter Garden Hallway at Middlebury College’s Axinn Center.

Guest editorial: Dangerous misinformation on abortion

There is not currently, nor will there be due to Article 22, any provider or facility in Vermont doing elective terminations beyond the gestational age of 21 weeks, six days, with 22 weeks being the currently accepted threshold of viability.

Letter to the editor: Article 22 will not codify a woman’s right to abortion

Amending the Vermont Constitution to make “personal reproductive autonomy” a right for every individual — men, women, and children — undermines women’s access to safe, on-demand abortion, and undermines parents’ authority to direct their children in repro … (read more)

Letter to the editor: New federal rule would expand reach of abortion

Health care providers and insurers should not be coerced to perform or cover abortions or transgender procedures.

Cornwall teen leads online reproductive rights effort

Coming up with great ideas to help others is valuable. Coming up with such ideas and then following through is priceless. Cornwall’s Sarah Holmes fits into the latter category, and she’s only getting started.

Roundtable explores next steps for reproductive care

The overturning of Roe v. Wade does not threaten Vermonters’ right to an abortion. But that does not mean Vermonters aren’t working on increasing protection of this right, both near and far.

New play tells the story of a reproductive rights pioneer

A few hours at the theater can help us escape momentarily from the wrenching problems of the real world. But sometimes a play does an even more important job by revealing and dramatizing the kind of person who might help bring us back from the brink, and … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Reproductive rights Article 22 attacks the family

You, under Vermont state law, have the right up to nine months to abort a full-term baby. Why change our constitution? There is no reason.

Ways of Seeing: Other precedents for civil rights

Since I wrote the piece about my grandmother, I’ve been stewing about the revocation of abortion rights and reading more on the ways in which we can argue that these rights are constitutional.

Letter to the editor: No Roe, but weapons still readily available

Irony rules the day when the Supreme Court reverses its own ruling on abortion rights and many women, depending on which state they live in, will lose their personal freedom to decide their wishes, and possible punishment, if they go out of state for an a … (read more)

Editorial: Christians opposed to Court’s ruling on Dobbs explain why

Much has been made of Evangelical Christians leading this conservative movement — as pro-life and pro-Trump — there are many millions of Christians who don’t share those same values.