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Letter to the editor: Kramer would bring ‘proactive energy’ to ACSD

As community members who have endorsed Chris Kramer for ACSD Board, we are writing to provide a bit more context for our endorsements.

Several of us are or have been PTA leaders. As a volunteer organization, PTA is what you make it, and Chris has helped make it every bit as much as it can be. Chris co-chaired the PTA all through the height of the pandemic, dedicating his time and energy to sustaining the morale of the Cornwall School community through some of the most challenging times we have encountered. Since returning to a more normal environment, Chris has worked hard to address the equity needs of our families, launching after-school partnerships with multiple community organizations to cover additional work hours, and securing funding to make these offerings free to all.

Others of us are selectboard members or former members of town school boards. We believe strongly in the integral relationship between schools and the towns they serve. Chris has been clear in his support for town schools as sources of strength for their students, providing community support that helps give kids a solid foundation. We fully endorse his campaign motto: “Strong Schools. Strong Towns. Strong Kids.”

We also have representation from the local early education community. The link between early care and public school has grown stronger in recent years, with the passage of universal pre-K, which can be housed within school buildings, such as Mary Hogan. Proposals at the state level have contemplated expansion of this model. We trust Chris to work closely with local early care leaders to approach these developments thoughtfully and with detailed consideration.

Finally, some of us are leaders of educational and youth-oriented nonprofits. We are greatly encouraged by the work Chris has done to reach out and build ties between Cornwall School local partners serving area youth, and we know that the entire district would benefit by having Chris in a position to expand these partnerships district-wide.

Overall, we support Chris because of his consistent, proactive efforts to make his school community stronger. We know that if elected to the school board, Chris will bring that same proactive energy to the work of strengthening each and every school community in our district. For the good of all our kids and families, we hope that you will give Chris that opportunity to serve.

Ashley Lane, President, Bridport PTO

Lorri Sperry, former Co-Chair, Friends of Cornwall School

Erin Robinson, Ripton

Ruth Bernstein, Shoreham selectboard, and former member, Shoreham School Board

Kristi Tolgyesi, former member, Cornwall School Board

Wendy Harlin, former member, Ripton School Board

Jackie Prime, two-time winner of the Terri Lynne Lokoff Teacher Award for Outstanding Early Education

Sadie Brightman, Executive Director, Middlebury Community Music Center

Becca Kerr, Director, ARK Afterschool Program in Shoreham

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