Letter to the editor: Kramer touted for ACSD panel

As a father of two young children attending school in our district, Chris is fully invested in the future of our schools, the success of our students, and the strength of our towns.

Letter to the editor: Kramer would bring ‘proactive energy’ to ACSD

As community members who have endorsed Chris Kramer for ACSD Board, we are writing to provide a bit more context for our endorsements.

Letter to the editor: It’s time to elect Harlin to Addison-2 House seat

I recently had the privilege of having a nice long conversation with Wendy Harlin in my back yard. She is running for the Vermont House Addison-2 seat representing my hometown of Cornwall along with Goshen, Leicester, Ripton and Salisbury.

Letter to the editor: Harlin and McGill understand early childhood needs

As a career early childhood educator and advocate for early childhood education, I know that quality opportunities for children lead to better outcomes later in life and to stronger families, communities, and economies.

Letter to the editor: Harlin would support small schools

It is disheartening to witness the push for consolidation of schools just as the larger schools are struggling with behavioral issues and teacher retention.

Letter to the editor: Harlin will bring new ideas to state legislature

At a recent Meet and Greet with Wendy Harlin, who is running against Peter Conlon in the Democratic primary for a seat in the House, I was struck by Wendy’s grasp of a number of wide-ranging issues from education (yes, keeping small schools open) to the e … (read more)

Two Democrats compete for Addison-2 House seat

Ripton Democrat Wendy Harlin and Rep. Peter Conlon, D-Cornwall, will square off in an Aug. 9 primary election to represent the Addison-2 district in the Vermont House for a two-year term.

Wendy Harlin emphasizes rural school safeguards

To say that Wendy Harlin has embraced her adoptive town would be an understatement. She recently joined the Ripton School District board and is now hoping to represent the town — along with four other nearby communities — in Montpelier, as a member of the … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Wendy Harlin will stand up for small towns

This letter is intended for the voters of Cornwall, Salisbury, Goshen, Leicester and Ripton. On Aug. 9 you will have an opportunity to vote for the leaders who will be representing us in Montpelier and in Washington, D.C.

Letter to the editor: Harlin is a voice for small towns

It’s easy to forget that in the midst of this short-lived summer season, there is an important primary taking place, on August 9th. 

Letter to the editor: McCallum, Doria have students’ interests at heart

In the ACSD, each town has at least one representative on the school board. You might ask, “Why are there a specific number of seats allocated to each town if we vote for them all district-wide?