Editorial: Of Ukraine and budget deficits


It’s hard not to think about the war in Ukraine because of its daily presence in the news, and deservedly so. It’s the first forceful invasion of a country since WWII, and Putin’s naked goal of Russian conquest just because he thought he could, has made it all the more horrific and intolerable.

If there is a silver lining among the thousands of individual tragedies, it’s that Ukraine has been thrust into world consciousness not as a country flawed by corrupt government officials, but for its bravery, resilience, pride of country and love of freedom. In these past 11 months, it has championed the cause of democracy and freedom — during an era when authoritarian rule was ascendant — better than anyone might have imagined.

It has forged a stronger NATO and has given purpose to the West’s 70-year campaign to maintain a strong and united military front against the possibility of such aggression.

To that end, America’s and NATO’s support for Ukraine should be wholeheartedly embraced by everyone who understands that to be free is also to be willing to defend freedom.

That’s a vital point to remember as a raucous Republican majority in the House makes noises to cut spending significantly — and to do so without raising taxes. Curbing the deficit is a valid goal, but many other goals take precedence — including maintaining aid to Ukraine and funding a strong military at home. The reasons for doing so have never been more obvious.

Angelo Lynn

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