Lincoln man brings magic to Ukrainian refugees

When the magician Tom Verner arrived in Kraków, Poland, last month to perform for Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion of their country, a Catholic priest there suggested he visit the city’s central train station.

Letter to the editor: New approach needed to end violence in Ukraine

As a world we need to find another way to respond to war. How do we become part of a solution for ending the war in Ukraine?

Elementary students make art for Ukraine

Students at Ripton Elementary and Salisbury Community Schools have launched “Cards for Caring”, a service learning project to provide humanitarian relief for Ukraine. 

Orwell students reach out to Ukraine

Orwell schoolchildren are hoping Vermont’s sweetest export will bring some sunshine into the lives of Ukrainian kids who are facing some of the darkest times imaginable.

Free benefit event will feature Ukrainian poetry, music, culture

Middlebury College students, alumni, faculty and staff will come together on Saturday, April 23, to present “United for Ukraine,” a beneficiary evening of music, spoken word, dance and more to dignify the culture of Ukraine.

Victor Nuovo: Does a look at our history have moral purpose?

Shakespeare’s “Tragedy of Macbeth” is about a man who would be King; who, motivated by envy and ambition, achieved his life’s goal by committing murder, only to be defeated in the end.

Letter to the editor: Fight Putin and go solar now

I am fighting against Putin and the energy cartels by going solar.

Letter to the editor: Gaining a better understanding

Thank you for the article by Claire Corkins pointing out a disturbing disparity between Ukrainian refugees and other refugees. One evident disparity is the fact that the U.S.A. has to date taken in virtually no Ukrainian refugees since the invasion began.

Letter to the editor: Refugees from Ukraine backed

I found Claire Corkins’s article intimating that the Ukrainians seeking refuge from the Russian onslaught should perhaps sit in the back of the bus and let other refugees, not white, not as well-educated and well-dressed, be given asylum in the Western Co … (read more)

Letter to the editor: NATO members should step into Ukraine

The NATO countries — including the U.S. — will have to become more involved in the war for Ukraine whether they like it or not.

Poet’s corner: Images of peace for Ukraine

Seeds of Peace   these warriors of peace the unstoppable the brave with resilience they fight for the love of their families to defend their homes for the love of their land to defend their liberty   they stand against tyranny facing not with th … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Many refugees not from Ukraine

People are talking about the crisis in Ukraine in drastically different terms than they would if it was taking place in a poor black country.

Local students plan a vigil for Ukraine on Tuesday

The Middlebury Union High School Student Coalition On Human Rights is inviting the public to join them in a vigil for Ukraine on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Middlebury Town Green gazebo.

Local students plan raffle for Ukraine kids

It was a few weeks ago that MUMS seventh-graders Isabel Quinn, Julia Morrissey and Kate Kozak were drawing in art class when collegial chatter turned to Ukraine.

Editorial: Irony of the ages

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s sincere appeal for help captured the irony of the ages: to have peace, there are times you must fight.