Editorial: Lack of transparency in LaRose decision is disappointing

The school board has erred egregiously by refusing to publicly explain its reasoning, and by snubbing Coach LaRose’s request to have a public airing of the board’s decision, which is within her rights to ask.

Editorial: The other shoe

To read, listen or watch the news of the nation and world is to understand how detached we are from those harsher realities in profound ways.

Editorial: The voters’ vital role

As we enter the final six weeks before the Nov. 8 elections, both state and national, let’s all reflect on one point that should, by now, be uncontested: Who you vote for and who’s elected makes a difference.

Editorial: Dueling arguments prompt call for airport task force

The battleground is a common theme between those who embrace economic development for all of its positive aspects, and those who oppose it because it would affect their personal peace and quiet.

Editorial: A $700,000 goal to reach

The United Way and the community’s support of its $700,000 goal is vital. That money helps over 20 area community nonprofits fill-in the gaps in funding where it’s most needed.

Editorial: Trump’s troubling trove

The latest news that a top-secret document describing a foreign government’s military defense readiness, including its nuclear capabilities, was found among the documents at ex-president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence is the proof the public needs to … (read more)

Editorial: Middlebury airport: How big is too big?

As East Middlebury residents, and particularly those who live closest to the Middlebury State Airport, attend meetings to adopt a new Master Plan for the airport it’s natural for those residents to resist growth that could further disrupt the neighborhood … (read more)

Editorial: A primary night overview

Vermont Progressives took center stage in Vermont following Tuesday’s primary with left-leaning candidates capturing seats for U.S. Congress, Lt. Governor, the state’s Attorney General and several down-ticket offices.

Editorial: As PAC money tips a race, is election reform needed?

During the past couple of months, Vermonters have endured a tsunami of political ads jamming mailboxes with single-sheet pamphlets, flooding airwaves on TV and commercial radio, and popping up on social media ad nauseam. 

Editorial: Starksboro’s request — will the MAUSD deny it?

There are many reasons to take Superintendent Patrick Reen’s statements with more than a grain of salt.

Editorial: Molly Gray for Congress

In the Democratic primary battle of Vermont’s lone congressional seat, Democrats — and all others who intend to vote in this important primary — must take a step back from their political partisanship and look at the bigger picture.

Editorial: Romney: America is in denial

What Romney doesn’t say is that the Republican Senate has thwarted Democrats’ efforts to move forward on several fronts, including climate change, more restrictive gun laws, water conservation efforts, protecting our democracy and strengthening voting rig … (read more)

Editorial: Christians opposed to Court’s ruling on Dobbs explain why

Much has been made of Evangelical Christians leading this conservative movement — as pro-life and pro-Trump — there are many millions of Christians who don’t share those same values.

Editorial: Newton should resign — now

Sheriff Peter Newton, who was arrested Tuesday and charged with two counts of sexual assault, one count of domestic violence and one count of unlawful restraint, got a partial reprieve by Chittenden County Superior Court Judge John Pacht when the judge al … (read more)

Editorial: Trump’s travesty wreaks havoc on others

Seemingly, the troubling aspects of the Trump drama never end.


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