Editorial: Newton should resign — now

Sheriff Peter Newton, who was arrested Tuesday and charged with two counts of sexual assault, one count of domestic violence and one count of unlawful restraint, got a partial reprieve by Chittenden County Superior Court Judge John Pacht when the judge allowed him to continue administrative duties as sheriff.

Editorial: Trump’s travesty wreaks havoc on others

Seemingly, the troubling aspects of the Trump drama never end.

Editorial: Graduation’s nuggets of wisdom

In culling through some of the graduation speeches heard or read in the past few weeks, I’ve come to appreciate these rites as a community ritual of renewal and inspiration — something to pass on to each successive generation of graduates, but also someth … (read more)

Editorial: If reason prevailed, gun safety would too

If commonsense gun control legislation can’t convince Republican Senators to protect their constituents for fear of upsetting the gun lobby and white supremacists within their party, perhaps portraying the problem as a public health issue would be more pa … (read more)

Editorial: COVID’s back: Should masking be too?

ANGELO LYNN In the movie this winter, “Don’t Look Up,” a huge comet is approaching Earth on a trajectory that’s sure to cause cataclysmic destruction upon impact. The president, however, chooses to tell her supporters not to believe the scientists who are … (read more)

Brandon Library’s $2M campaign opens

After two-plus years of planning for a capital campaign to renovate the Brandon Free Public Library (BFPL), the $2.2 million quest is well on its way.

$22.7M Otter Valley spending plan backed in revote

In a reversal from a Town Meeting Day vote that saw the Otter Valley Unified Union School District budget go down to defeat, 522-462, district voters on Tuesday turned out in support of the $22.7 million budget, 420-359.

Jim Samler writes a quirky book of poems

Jim Samler, who taught art at Otter Valley Union High School for 28 years before retiring in 2014, says his inspiration for the book came not only from those poets, but also from The New Yorker cartoonists Charles Adams and Gahan Wilson, as well as Mad Ma … (read more)

Editorial: Skatepark — That’s the spirit

The group involved, calling itself the Middlebury Skatepark Coalition, currently has 50 members and has set this Friday, April 29 (at the Ilsley Library community room at 5 p.m.) as an informational meeting to get the ball rolling.

Editorial: Two notes of importance

Here’s the deal about Green Up Day: it works best if you coordinate your efforts with your town.

Editorial: Tri-Town Water board skips crucial part of the story

It’s rarely the right call to withhold information from the public about operational shortcomings of a public service.

Editorial: With thanks, Rep. Harvey Smith

As the lone Republican representing Addison County in Vermont’s legislature, Rep. Harvey Smith’s announcement this week that he will not seek re-election in November sparks a moment of political reflection.

Meet Guinness: Brandon’s newest police trainee

The newest member of the Brandon Police Department is warm, furry, too cute for words — and in the earliest steps of training.

Editorial: Exciting news, needed changes

News that Middlebury College has purchased 35 acres in the heart of Middlebury’s residential area to turn into 100 units of affordable housing is exciting and most welcome.

Editorial: Challenging times for schools

It’s no one’s fault, but it’s everyone’s problem to solve.


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