Editorial: Ahead of town meeting, should we plan for growth, or continued decline?

As town selectboards and area district school boards put together the final pieces of the upcoming fiscal year budgets to be voted on during Town Meeting 2023, it’s more important than ever to start focusing on ways to stimulate population growth throughout Addison County.

A Brandon musician finds her own shooting star

It’s been almost a year since local singer-song writer Breanna Elaine, 25, quit her day job and dedicated herself to becoming a full-time professional musician.

Editorial: A sea-change in expectations, Trump’s path to the ash heap

We don’t pretend that the next two years, with a divided Congress and a presidential election coming in two years (and with Trump in the mix), will be peachy keen, but we’re hoping the public vote says that most Americans want a government that works on s … (read more)

Editorial: Dems have unexpected hope as GOP’s Red Wave fizzles

The big news on the national front is two-fold: 1) the promised Red Wave fizzled, and 2) Trump is being blamed.

Editorial: Endorsements

These endorsements are meant to encourage thoughtful discussion and consideration of their respective races, rather than to persuade anyone how to vote.

Otter Creek brew pub closing after this weekend

The pub on Exchange Street will close after this last weekend of selling brews.

Editorial: Saying ‘amen’ to a con

The preacher was nationally known election-denier David Clements. The venue was the Valley Bible Church in East Middlebury last Wednesday.

Editorial: Hard-earned progress at ACSD

It’s heartening that the ACSD board has agreed in principle to modify article 14 of its charter agreement to allow the towns of small schools a larger voice in whether to close a school.

Editorial: The first step in voting is knowing the candidates

In today’s issue the staff at the Addison Independent spent hundreds of hours putting together this 70-page paper, which includes extensive reporting on the upcoming 2022 Election.

Editorial: Why vote yes on Article 22? Because it’s a woman’s burden, not the state’s

Ignore the noise and focus on the principle being argued. That is, the amendment simply and plainly gives women personal control of their reproductive rights. 

Editorial: Reckless speech still needs tighter controls

Today, families of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting that killed 20 first-graders and six teachers in 2012 were given a bit of justice.

Editorial: Lack of transparency in LaRose decision is disappointing

The school board has erred egregiously by refusing to publicly explain its reasoning, and by snubbing Coach LaRose’s request to have a public airing of the board’s decision, which is within her rights to ask.

Editorial: The other shoe

To read, listen or watch the news of the nation and world is to understand how detached we are from those harsher realities in profound ways.

Editorial: The voters’ vital role

As we enter the final six weeks before the Nov. 8 elections, both state and national, let’s all reflect on one point that should, by now, be uncontested: Who you vote for and who’s elected makes a difference.

Seven receive McCardell Citizen’s Awards

Cited at the Kirk Alumni Center event for the 2020 honors were Glenn Andres, Sadie Brightman, Emily Joselson and Amy Mason. The honorees for 2021 were Laura Asermily, Kelly Hickey and Tom Scanlon.