Editorial: Internet voting: Good idea, but the risk is still too great

As a Vermont state legislator, one of the most satisfying parts of the job is to craft legislation that solves a problem for a particular group of constituents. 

Editorial: A pilgrimage of civic duty

In Lincoln, population about 1,300, a civic-minded group of about 70 residents decided most of the town’s business at Town Meeting, while also epitomizing the essence of Town Meeting through many comments. 

Editorial: Speaking out works

For those who might despair that speaking out doesn’t change anything and the best bet is to stay silent and let others fight their battles, the story of Michelle Steele is heartening.

Editorial: At town meeting, each vote matters; ACSD candidates Whelan-Wuest, Buck stand out

Next Tuesday, March 7, is Town Meeting Day. Many towns have their official meetings on Monday evening March 6, with Australian balloting the next day. 

Editorial: Aid to Ukraine enforces U.S. values worth defending

President Biden’s surprise trip to Kyiv this past weekend was the right message at the right time.

Editorial: The seed for Town Meeting

With more board turnover than we’ve seen in years, and with town and school budgets working to overcome the negative effects of the pandemic, housing shortages and a tight labor market, Addison County residents have a full slate of issues to consider at t … (read more)

Editorial: DeSantis, culture wars, and politics perpetuating grievance

It’s hard to ignore Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Republican firebrand and likely presidential candidate leading the nation’s third most populous state.

Editorial: Sheriff reform needed; not so easy to do it

A bill introduced last week to reform the way Vermont sheriffs operate is a step in the right direction, and sorely needed.

Editorial: Of Ukraine and budget deficits

If there is a silver lining among the thousands of individual tragedies, it’s that Ukraine has been thrust into world consciousness not as a country flawed by corrupt government officials, but for its bravery, resilience, pride of country and love of free … (read more)

Editorial: How to spend ARPA funds

Too many voices confuse best options. That’s because while the ARPA funds represent a significant windfall for small towns, it’s not so much that it can solve multiple ills. 

Editorial: Charter change would make ACSD more responsive to voters

Either of two proposed changes to the Addison Central School District charter would make the district more responsive to voters — a move the board and the public should appreciate.

Editorial: Ilsley Library needs voters’ input

Middlebury area residents should take note of upcoming public information meetings that will review four proposed scenarios for upgraded or new facilities for Middlebury’s Ilsley Library.

Editorial: Gov. Scott’s vision vs. reality

As Gov. Phil Scott delivered his fourth inaugural address last Thursday, the good news is that the state continues to be flush with cash thanks to generous amounts of federal aid.

Editorial: New Haven’s promising path to embracing migrant workers

For the past several months the town of New Haven has embraced a program to connect with migrant farm workers in its community. It’s a model other Addison County communities might want to consider.

Editorial: Looking back, what’s new?

Each year at this time the Addison Independent compiles a chronology of the notable events of the prior year by month.