Letter to the editor: McGill will work hard for Addison-5

Does it matter if someone running for the Vermont State Legislature states publicly that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen? I’ve been pondering that question since learning that Jon Christiano, who is running for the House in my district, Addison-5, made the following statement to VTDigger on Oct. 25: “I think (Trump) did win. I think it was stolen.”

Denying the certified results of an election undermines the basic tenets of democracy. I believe that in this year’s election, an election denier should not be elected to any office, and especially not in Vermont, where elections are so well-run and transparent.

I prefer to cast my vote for Jubilee McGill, who has worked for years in our community helping find safe, affordable housing and other services for many people in our county. She will work on the issues that matter if elected: the climate crisis, education, childcare, housing, and equity.

Election denial will not be on her agenda.

Fran Putnam


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