Letter to the editor: McGill will work hard for Addison-5

Does it matter if someone running for the Vermont State Legislature states publicly that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen?

GOP candidates criticize ad as misrepresentation

An advertisement in the Oct. 20 Addison Independent Election Guide was intended to inform voters about where candidates stood on important issues, but instead some of those featured in the ad say it misrepresented their views.

Letter to the editor: Don’t back conspiracies; vote for Jubilee McGill

Does Addison County want to be represented in the Legislature by a candidate who spouts conspiracy theories about the Covid vaccine; opposes women’s reproductive rights; and attacks expanded voting rights as “Progressive, Socialist and Communist plots”?

Christiano earns GOP nod in Addison-5 House race

Jon Christiano of New Haven clinched a 163-134 victory over Zachary Kent of Bridport in Tuesday’s GOP primary. He will face Bridport Democrat Jubilee McGill in the Nov. 8 General Election.

Letter to the editor: Christiano’s motivation for House bid questioned

I was not aware that in 2020 he lost his State Senate seat to Chris Bray and Ruth Hardy by finishing fourth in a field of five.

Republican candidates face off in Addison-5 primary

New Haven’s Jon Christiano faces fellow Republican Zachary Kent of Bridport in an Aug. 9 GOP primary that will determine who goes on to face Bridport Democrat Jubilee McGill in the Nov. 8 General Election.

Christiano pledges to use common sense in Addison-5 primary

Jon Christiano’s name will once again appear on an Addison County election ballot. Only this year, the New Haven resident has set his sights on a seat representing the Addison-5 district in the Vermont House, rather than the state Senate.

Christiano offers IBM business background in bid for Senate seat

NEW HAVEN — Jon Christiano of New Haven spent four years shepherding the Addison County Republican Committee. Now he wants to represent his party and constituents as state senator, representing Addison County, Huntington and Buel’s Gore. “I’ve been thinki … (read more)