Letter to the editor: Financial impact of Starksboro’s exit exaggerated

The sky will not fall if Starksboro’s vote to leave the MAUSD District is affirmed on 8/9. The Administration’s claim that the remaining towns will see a 17% increase in their school taxes is way overstated. Please take a look at the financial table supporting our conclusions: www.starksborosaveourschool.org/tax-table.

A yes vote is a vote for local control over our education choices. If the merger vote slated for November 8 passes, Starksboro will continue on its path out of the district. This will be a two-year process at the least. In this case, the three towns geographically closest to what was formerly known as the Addison North West SU (now ANWSD), would merge with that district. If the merger vote fails, Starksboro will remain a part of the MAUSD.

In the meantime, a yes vote on 8/9 is a vote in favor of empowering our communities and keeping school governance closer to our schools.

Our first and foremost interest is in promoting the success of Starksboro’s children. Robinson School has enjoyed strong, even passionate support among our townspeople for many years. This unwavering support was resoundingly clear on May 5. There is nothing about this strength of feeling that is incompatible with the success of the MAUSD, or a possible merged district.

The superintendent’s office and some MAUSD Board members are making a concerted effort to persuade voters to vote against allowing Starksboro to leave the district. They have grossly exaggerated the tax impact on the remaining towns if Starksboro goes out. The portion of Starksboro middle schoolers and high schoolers attending Mt Abe (or the new combination district) is unlikely to change.

To our friends in New Haven, Bristol and Monkton, please vote yes on August 9. Thanks for your consideration.

Louis duPont


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