Letter to the editor: School district merger fans, foes share same goals

While we may disagree on solutions, we acknowledge our school districts face many difficult problems that are not easy to fix. 

Letter to the editor: MAUSD-ANWSD merger would be detrimental

Despite the Starksboro Save our School committee’s publication of our analysis that the likely tax increase was closer to 3%, the damage had been done.

Letter to the editor: Financial impact of Starksboro’s exit exaggerated

The sky will not fall if Starksboro’s vote to leave the MAUSD District is affirmed on 8/9

Letter to the editor: Where does community live?

For many of us living in the small towns of Addison County, the locus of community is without a doubt our elementary schools.

Letter to the editor: MAUSD plan to repurpose Robinson School panned

I am writing as a citizen and former Robinson School Board member to express my concern about the school reconfiguration proposal recently floated by Superintendent Reen. I know that much study and deliberation has gone into the reconfiguration concept th … (read more)