ACSD towns can vote on closures

Voters in all seven Addison Central School District towns will now collectively have a say in any future proposals to close an ACSD school.

Save Our Schools could sue ACSD board

Some Addison Central School District board members said they hoped Monday’s charter change imposing the extra hurdle of a districtwide vote for school closures had finally settled a local-control issue that’s been debated for at least four years.

Letter to the editor: Towns should have final say

Monday evening, February 13th, the Addison Central School Board will discuss and likely vote on three options for school closure determination.

Letter to the editor: Save Our Schools group shares educational values

Over the last few years, many of us have strived to provide the students of the Addison Central School District (ACSD) with a strong education.

ACSD board sets charter change vote

The Addison Central School District Board won’t warn a petitioned referendum seeking feedback on two separate options to amend the ACSD charter in a way that would allow a bigger public role in closing local schools.

Editorial: Charter change would make ACSD more responsive to voters

Either of two proposed changes to the Addison Central School District charter would make the district more responsive to voters — a move the board and the public should appreciate.

Letter to the editor: Petition seeks to bring ACSD voters back into fold

How connected do you feel with your local school board? Do you know their names? When their meetings are held? What they’ll be voting on next?

Top Ten 2022: Towns foster local schools

A handful of Addison County towns worked tirelessly this year to keep or gain control of their local elementary schools in an effort to ensure they’d stay open amid declining enrollment and rising education costs.

Top Ten 2022: ANWSD/MAUSD merger defeated

Despite their optimistic findings, the committee’s drafted articles of agreement sparked concerns from many community members, particularly regarding how potential school closures and consolidations would be handled in a merged district.

Lincoln prepares to offer supervisory union services

Some of the next steps for the LSD include staffing a central office, creating an FY24 budget for Lincoln residents to vote on next year, and finding additional funds to cover transition costs as the district works to get up and running.

Letter to the editor: Merger vote a major lesson

Perhaps an even bigger surprise came at the beginning of the Nov. 16 Board of Education meeting when the panel accepted Oliver Olsen’s resignation.

Letter to the editor: School district merger fans, foes share same goals

While we may disagree on solutions, we acknowledge our school districts face many difficult problems that are not easy to fix. 

ACSD still grappling with charter change

The Addison Central School Board has again deferred a decision on whether Middlebury-area residents should be able to vote on the potential future closure of any district schools.

State Board directs Lincoln to manage its own school services

The Vermont State Board of Education has determined the best way for Lincoln to provide students with supervisory union services like special education and transportation is to do so on its own. 

Letter to the editor: ACSD board member explains charter change views

I think it’s important to consider the perspective of someone who values the entirety of ACSD as much as citizens behind the Save Our Schools movement love their individual towns.