A pavilion is on the rise in Starksboro

A group of Starksboro residents is making progress in its efforts to construct a town pavilion, transforming the area behind the town clerk’s office and public library into a recreational space townspeople can enjoy for years to come. 

Starksboro denied exit from MAUSD

A no vote from the town of New Haven thwarted Starksboro’s hard-fought withdrawal effort.

Letter to the editor: Starksboro info was misleading

Superintendent Reen continues to mislead and scare MAUSD voters.

Letter to the editor: Financial impact of Starksboro’s exit exaggerated

The sky will not fall if Starksboro’s vote to leave the MAUSD District is affirmed on 8/9

Letter to the editor: Breakup of MAUSD didn’t have to happen

Although it was not originally sold as such, the Mount Abraham Unified School District (MAUSD) Superintendent Patrick Reen’s, December 2020 long-term facilities use proposal has been and continues to be the catalyst for the deconstruction of our district. … (read more)

Voters weigh the cost of Starksboro’s exit

Residents in Bristol, Monkton and New Haven on Aug. 9 will vote on whether Starksboro will be allowed to withdraw from the Mount Abraham Unified School District.

Editorial: Starksboro’s request — will the MAUSD deny it?

There are many reasons to take Superintendent Patrick Reen’s statements with more than a grain of salt.

Community forum: Decisions loom for MAUSD voters

As a result of steadily declining enrollment and increasing costs, we have reached a tipping point where it is becoming unsustainable to operate our schools as we do now.

Letter to the editor: MAUSD voters asked to support Starksboro’s exit

I am writing on behalf of the Starksboro Save Our Schools Committee to ask you to vote yes on Aug. 9, to ratify Starksboro’s withdrawal from MAUSD.

Letter to the editor: Local control is best for Starksboro school

Starksboro’s unanimous decision was based on what is seen as best for Starksboro’s children, including those with special needs. I am moved by the unity of the town on this issue.

MAUSD vote on Starksboro set for Aug. 9

Starksboro’s effort to retain control over the future of Robinson Elementary School is set to culminate on Aug. 9, when voters in the other towns of the Mount Abraham Unified School District will vote on whether to ratify Starksboro’s vote to withdraw fro … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Let MAUSD & ANWSD explore collaborations first

Starksboro voters recently dealt a lethal, if not fatal, blow to the aspirations of a regional merger study committee to impose a full governance merger of the Mt. Abe and Addison Northwest school districts. In a stunning vote tally of 221 to 0, Starksbor … (read more)

Starksboro votes to leave MAUSD

More than 200 registered voters turned out at the Robinson Elementary School multipurpose room to vote from the floor on a proposal to exit the Mount Abe school district, and the overwhelming majority said “yes” when the question was finally asked.

Starksboro projects net climate funding

A pair of Addison County Regional Planning Commission projects aimed at addressing issues in the Lewis Creek watershed in Starksboro have been selected to receive Vermont Flood Resilient Communities Fund grants totaling more than $113,000.

Starksboro to deny snowmobile request

After months of community debate and public discussion, a request by snowmobilers to ride on certain Starksboro roads has failed to win approval from the town selectboard, which plans to make its official decision in writing.