Letter to the editor: Time to restore sanity to court

To overturn a bad Supreme Court decision, the same thing, that has just been done, has to be done again. Usually start with a new court line of justices, more favorable to the change.  Then start a new case to go to the SC.

The allowance for abortions was made 50 years ago with the basis of privacy, in Roe vs Wade. Privacy was hinted at in the Bill of Rights, but was more direct with Supreme Court decisions like Griswold v. Connecticut (1965) Which was about privacy and a married couples’ right to use contraceptive devices, and has been extended to other rights to privacy.

Will people also try to overturn Griswold and other associated cases? We wonder what else might be changed to follow Roe. (Wade had nothing to do with that case. He was a local prosecutor and his name was handy.) Roe is a court nickname. Doe (as in Jane Doe) is a usual court nickname for a woman, but that was used by a joint case that didn’t stay joint.

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is the name of the case with this new decision that overturns Roe. Dobbs needs to be overturned.

The first step is to vote for those who will bring the Supreme Court back to sanity. Not hard to do in Vermont.

Peter Grant


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