Letter to the editor: Turn down the heat at night

When I was young, over 70 years ago, everyone knew that turning down the heat at night made sleeping more comfortable. And it used less fuel.

Letter to the editor: Weather ‘split’ is mystifying

So many times we follow a storm track from west and south on storm tracking radar that seems centered on Bristol. But as the storm leaves Albany it splits, some north to Burlington and some south of Middlebury.

Letter to the editor: Keep horses off dark roads

In the black of night, at 5 a.m., two horses trotted by my house on Route 116.

Letter to the editor: DMV makes driver’s license renewals more difficult

No longer can you go to a Real Person who can answer questions and help fill out the forms, like at the Courthouse in Middlebury. Now it is to be done by the taxpayer, at home, and on a computer.

Letter to the editor: Time to restore sanity to court

To overturn a bad Supreme Court decision, the same thing, that has just been done, has to be done again.

Letter to the editor: More sense, less use of resources

Ah, spring weather, open the windows and doors, It’s 50 degrees out there.

Letter to the editor: Earth feeling space ‘ripples’

If you have an interest in astronomy, you might like this.

Letter to the editor: Fight Putin and go solar now

I am fighting against Putin and the energy cartels by going solar.

Letter to the editor: Vehicle making scary sound

My car has been very scary.

Letter to the editor: Info sought on Bristol trail

Does anyone know the history of the Sunday School Trail that goes up the face of South Mountain about one mile south of the South Street bridge just south of Bristol village? Most of it is in a national Wilderness Area. I imagine somewhere in the 1930s, s … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Neo-liberalism is the enemy of U.S. democracy

Mitch McConnell laughed as he bragged about killing democracy in the U.S.A. “We the people” is being replaced with “We the rich.” He has been a leader in neo liberalism, and getting away with it. Neo liberalism has “neo” for “new” and “liberalism” for “fr … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Bristol trail nice, could use signs

Wonderful trails around Bristol. This network will get bigger and bigger. Get out now and do some hiking on nice easy trails. Drive to the east behind the new firehouse to a pile of gravel and walk left (east) along the edge of the woods to the corner of … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Gooseberry bush baffles goat

Summer is gooseberry picking time. Sure, we have already picked asparagus, peas, cherries, currents and others, but picking gooseberries brings memories back of a young goat that lived here years ago. When she met the bush, she tried to nibble, but the bu … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Reducing trash is a crucial task

The July/August issue of the Sierra Club’s “Sierra Magazine” has a review of the trash/recycling situation. It used to be that U.S. companies could take reusables from our trash and even pay money for that stuff. We had to clean and presort it by plastic … (read more)