Letter to the editor: Beware of who gets your vote

Germany got Hitler by popular vote, almost 100 years ago.

Letter to the editor: Deteriorating car parts are helping manufacturers

Have you noticed how car makers have a new way to get more money from customers? They use parts that corrode more and need replacement.

Letter to the editor: Hard to see any good from #45

I am still waiting to hear why so many hold Trump in a positive way. Listing bad things about him is easy as he has done so many things that hurt this nation.

Letter to the editor: Debate didn’t inspire hope

I am wondering if the rest of the world is laughing  hard or afraid of what this once great nation is turning into.

Letter to the editor: Please collect forgotten tools

I wish the person who left a small tool battery and charger on top of my new heat pump would come and get it.

Letter to the editor: Chopping wood yields reward

I was cutting some branches into firewood. Cut lilac has a nice smell, so I took some inside and set it on the kitchen table.

Letter to the editor: Turn down the heat at night

When I was young, over 70 years ago, everyone knew that turning down the heat at night made sleeping more comfortable. And it used less fuel.

Letter to the editor: Weather ‘split’ is mystifying

So many times we follow a storm track from west and south on storm tracking radar that seems centered on Bristol. But as the storm leaves Albany it splits, some north to Burlington and some south of Middlebury.

Letter to the editor: Keep horses off dark roads

In the black of night, at 5 a.m., two horses trotted by my house on Route 116.

Letter to the editor: DMV makes driver’s license renewals more difficult

No longer can you go to a Real Person who can answer questions and help fill out the forms, like at the Courthouse in Middlebury. Now it is to be done by the taxpayer, at home, and on a computer.

Letter to the editor: Time to restore sanity to court

To overturn a bad Supreme Court decision, the same thing, that has just been done, has to be done again.

Letter to the editor: More sense, less use of resources

Ah, spring weather, open the windows and doors, It’s 50 degrees out there.

Letter to the editor: Earth feeling space ‘ripples’

If you have an interest in astronomy, you might like this.

Letter to the editor: Fight Putin and go solar now

I am fighting against Putin and the energy cartels by going solar.

Letter to the editor: Vehicle making scary sound

My car has been very scary.