Letter to the editor: Hard to see any good from #45

I am still waiting to hear why so many hold Trump in a positive way. Listing bad things about him is easy as he has done so many things that hurt this nation.

I heard of a list of Trump accomplishments. What I found was an annotated list showing that 90% had nothing to do with Trump and 10% were made up. Lies.

We already know that Trump makes up stories as needed, and are not believable.

He is now calling for someone to shoot masses of thieves. But, that is Trump. Seems to have no reverence for our laws (execution only after a fair trial, etc.), and he shows that by trying to get away with disobeying so may laws so often.

When will he finally be brought to justice, as a defendant in court? When will courts stop his tirades against our nation and justice system? He works newer and newer sets of lawyers to death trying to defend him.

And, I hear, that he doesn’t bother to pay those who have helped him.

Please, someone, tell me of some good that Trump has done for this nation. His lies aren’t enough.

Peter Grant


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