Editorial: Trump shows why taxes, power should be closely monitored

The consternation in Congress about whether to make public six years’ worth of ex-president Donald Trump’s tax information was overly wrought by a Congress, and media pundits, fearful of the truth. 

Editorial: Is Trump the face of the GOP’s decline or its hope?

Even if you somehow like the man, it doesn’t change these facts: Trump’s a tax cheat, a sore loser, a habitual liar, a thief of presidential records who refuses to return them to the government and a defeated candidate who sought to overthrow a newly elec … (read more)

Letter to the editor: State GOP must eschew Trump to regain relevancy

The recent election was a disaster for the Vermont Republican Party.

Letter to the editor: Pigs are better people than one of our former leaders

I have never met a pig that is sexist, or racist, or homophobic.

Editorial: A sea-change in expectations, Trump’s path to the ash heap

We don’t pretend that the next two years, with a divided Congress and a presidential election coming in two years (and with Trump in the mix), will be peachy keen, but we’re hoping the public vote says that most Americans want a government that works on s … (read more)

Editorial: Trump’s troubling trove

The latest news that a top-secret document describing a foreign government’s military defense readiness, including its nuclear capabilities, was found among the documents at ex-president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence is the proof the public needs to … (read more)

Editorial: Trump’s travesty wreaks havoc on others

Seemingly, the troubling aspects of the Trump drama never end.

Letter to the editor: Trump and his mob face punishment

Who isn’t disgusted by Trump and his disgusting mob of supporters who attacked and ransacked the Capitol Building in Washington on Wednesday, Jan. 6? We need to eject this loser from the White House, jail him, and round up all his losers that did this now … (read more)

Letter to the editor: We must impeach, convict and disqualify Trump

Americans are deeply shocked by the attack on American democracy that occurred in Washington DC on Jan. 6. It was a horrific sight to see armed terrorists swarm up the walls and steps of the United States Capitol, break down doors and windows, and enter t … (read more)

Addison County State’s Attorney, Sheriff, High Bailiff condemn Trump’s attempted coup

ADDISON COUNTY — Addison County State’s Attorney Dennis Wygmans, Sheriff Peter Newton, and High Bailiff (-elect) Dave Silberman released the following statement on January 7:   Yesterday, at the urging of President Donald J. Trump, a violent mob attempted … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Local man supports Trump despite opposition

Editor’s note: We are publishing this letter to the editor despite its many false statements and embrace of baseless conspiracy theories, and because it shows the thinking of an Addison County resident who has embraced those views. As the letter writer po … (read more)

Trump’s refusal to concede hurts the democratic process

MIDDLEBURY — President Donald Trump’s refusal to recognize former Vice President Joe Biden as president-elect has prevented collaboration between his team and Biden’s.  “I would say this is abnormal in the sense that you’re not having active cooperation b … (read more)

Editorial: Trump’s lies destroy freedom; one antidote is ‘digital civics’

“The war for truth is now the war to preserve our democracy,” is how New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman summed up the state of the union in the wake of Trump’s defeat and his willingness to fabricate falsehoods about fraudulent votes and rigged elec … (read more)

Editorial: Biden may win, but Trumpism reveals nation’s ugly underbelly

We have to confess we desperately wanted to run the headline in today’s paper that proclaimed, in large type across the front page: “America to Trump: YOUR FIRED!” And we hoped to read versions of that theme in newspapers across the country. It didn’t hap … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Many reasons to vote against Trump

It is election season. Many folks have already voted. This letter is written to those who have not yet voted and may be undecided about who to vote for, or who are considering voting for President Trump. There are a number of things that are facts about t … (read more)