Letter to the editor: State protects abortion access

As a teenager, I know that there is not a lot of information about reproductive rights and abortion rights in Vermont. I’m a junior in high school, and I have recently been learning a lot of how Vermont laws have made abortion accessible and affordable.

Letter to the editor: Article 22 on reproductive rights was misleading

Under Article 22 of the Vermont Constitution, Vermonters may be required to pay for medical procedures related to reproductive choice through increases in health insurance premiums.

Feminist mini golf gets players talking

It can be easy for conversation to unfold over a round of golf, and the team behind the new feminist mini golf course at Middlebury College are hopeful the holes they’ve created will get players talking about one topic in particular — reproductive justice … (read more)

Governor signs reproductive protection bills

Against a national backdrop of ever-tightening restrictions on abortions and gender-affirming care, Gov. Phil Scott on Wednesday signed two high-profile “omnibus” bills that seek to expand protections for and access to reproductive care in Vermont.

College art exhibit backs women’s rights

The exhibit “Visualizing Reproductive Justice: A Call to End Fake Clinics” will go on display for a week beginning Tuesday, Sept. 27, in the Winter Garden Hallway at Middlebury College’s Axinn Center.

Rally for reproductive rights with Ripton’s Sarah King

Step out and rally for reproductive rights at a benefit concert on Friday, Sept. 23, at Higher Ground in South Burlington.

Cornwall teen leads online reproductive rights effort

Coming up with great ideas to help others is valuable. Coming up with such ideas and then following through is priceless. Cornwall’s Sarah Holmes fits into the latter category, and she’s only getting started.

Roundtable explores next steps for reproductive care

The overturning of Roe v. Wade does not threaten Vermonters’ right to an abortion. But that does not mean Vermonters aren’t working on increasing protection of this right, both near and far.

New play tells the story of a reproductive rights pioneer

A few hours at the theater can help us escape momentarily from the wrenching problems of the real world. But sometimes a play does an even more important job by revealing and dramatizing the kind of person who might help bring us back from the brink, and … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Other precedents for civil rights

Since I wrote the piece about my grandmother, I’ve been stewing about the revocation of abortion rights and reading more on the ways in which we can argue that these rights are constitutional.

Editorial: Christians opposed to Court’s ruling on Dobbs explain why

Much has been made of Evangelical Christians leading this conservative movement — as pro-life and pro-Trump — there are many millions of Christians who don’t share those same values.

Ways of Seeing: Sadly, our daughters must worry

“You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” These words from a famous old Joni Mitchell song have been ringing in my head the past few days.

Guest editorial: The Supreme Court’s biggest lie

As the author of stories about a teenager who hops into the American past, I’ve thought deeply about the 1800s, and I’d like to offer a few thoughts to our Supreme Court justices.

Letter to the editor: Roe decision affects power

Some politicians are often fond of stating that our citizens need less government interference in their lives. Of course this won’t apply if you happen to be a female citizen.

Letter to the editor: Time to restore sanity to court

To overturn a bad Supreme Court decision, the same thing, that has just been done, has to be done again.