Letter to the editor: Roe opponents are misguided

Friday, while I was listening to the news about Roe v. Wade and the Supreme Court, a young man was interviewed. He was excited about all of the thousands of lives that will be saved.

Letter to the editor: Supreme Court is taking the country backwards

For six people to plunge We the People on a descending path to the dark ages is surely antithetical to the thinking of society today. What right is next on their list?

Letter to the editor: Support urged for Prop 5

In November, following what is certain to be long and intense discussion, Vermonters will vote on Proposal 5, confirming reproductive freedom in our state Constitution. 

Ways of Seeing: Anti-abortion quest is a power grab

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I really, really don’t want to write this column. I’m recovering from COVID, I’m tired, and I’m so, so angry. I have been involved in the fight for reproductive freedom for literally my entire life. My mom was a young mother in the la … (read more)