Letter to the editor: Hooper has background, skills to serve Middlebury

If you have ever attended a meeting of the Middlebury selectboard, you soon realize that it is a lot of work — and not remotely glamorous. Though we may like to envision our elected officials smoothly steering us into an ideal future, the fact is that much of the work is steeped in procedure and involves the rather routine governance of our little town. A significant amount of the selectboard’s work involves stretching limited dollars to do the most good for the community.

Andy Hooper has shown himself to be someone who is willing to put in that level of thoughtful and deliberative work. From his years on the City Council in Montpelier to his experience on civic boards here in Middlebury, Andy is someone you can rely on to get the job done. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andy on the board of the Ilsley Public Library. He is a gracious and thoughtful listener. As a highly collaborative board member, he is open to ideas, and has a gift for synthesizing the ideas of others into something actionable. As Ilsley Board Treasurer, he has shown himself to be someone who understands financial challenges.

Andy’s vision for the future of Middlebury is firmly grounded in both its economic challenges and taxpayer realities. As a parent of four, he is well aware of the concerns of working families. He aims to revitalize our downtown, solve our infrastructure and transportation issues, and make Middlebury more affordable to all — especially the young families we hope to attract to our town.

But beyond his vision for where he would like to see Middlebury go, Andy has the proven track record of someone who has capably demonstrated his devotion to community service and the will and ability to get the job done.

Andy will represent all of us and serve our town well. On March 1 join me in voting for Andy Hooper for the Middlebury selectboard.

Joe McVeigh


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