Where are all the workers?

MIDDLEBURY — Only 14 months ago, Shafer’s Market & Deli at 54 College St. in Middlebury was a no-fail stop pretty much any time of the morning or evening if you needed a sandwich, gallon of milk, soda, pizza and other indulgences. Shafer’s still has the tasty products and household staples, but you have to time your visits more carefully these days. The business has had to temporarily abandon its customary 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. days for a tighter schedule that ends at 7 p.m., at the latest. Why? Try as they mig … (read more)

Labor analyst explains the Vt. labor shortage

VERMONT — Over the past year, as nearly 30,000 people have left the Vermont workforce, Mat Barewicz has found the want ads fascinating. “Large, franchise-type chain restaurants are offering incredible starting pay, plus tuition reimbursement, plus sign-on … (read more)

Birong sees statewide workforce shortage

VERGENNES — Matt Birong, owner of the Three Squares Café in Vergennes and a state representative, has been in contact regularly with statewide hospitality and restaurant groups, chambers of commerce, and other trade organizations outside of hospitality. W … (read more)