Letter to the editor: Proposed hut has no place at Silver Lake

I just returned from the public informational meeting about the “hut” which is proposed to be built at Silver Lake, and I find myself both more opposed to the project than I was before I attended, and somewhat disillusioned.

Letter to the editor: Jubilee McGill would be an effective state legislator

I am writing today in support of Jubilee McGill’s run for state representative for Addison-5, which includes the towns of Bridport, Weybridge, and New Haven. I have known Jubilee for years, and was thrilled when I heard that she had decided to run for off … (read more)

Hamel takes on Bruhl for New Haven selectboard

NEW HAVEN — On Town Meeting Day, March 3, New Haven voters will choose from among four candidates for two seats on the town selectboard. In one of the two contested selectboard races, John Hamel is challenging incumbent Taborri Bruhl for a three-year term … (read more)