Letter to the editor: Article on the impact of pesticides was appreciated

I was shocked, angry and deeply saddened to read how dire the situation is and how little is being done.

Letter to the editor: Pollinator path a noble cause

I am heartened by the enthusiasm and support for a pollinator pathway in Addison County! Thank you to all who are leading this endeavor.

Letter to the editor: Multi-sided school closure coverage appreciated

Thank you for continuing your in-depth coverage of the issues surrounding the dwindling population and the need for school closures.

A mother’s letters lead to healing after loss

MIDDLEBURY — Dan Humphrey packed a lot of living in his 26 years. Educator, teacher, musician, athlete, husband. He was an inspiration to his family, friends and many others who marveled at his ability to face a terminal illness with bravery, dignity and … (read more)

Book review: The Path to Fernglade — by Susan Humphrey

(Woods Edge Press) Weybridge author, as well as a former teacher, bookseller and Middlebury College graduate, Susan Humphrey lost her second son, Dan, to an extremely rare form of cancer. As a means of sharing news with friends and family, Susan began wri … (read more)