Letter to the editor: Pollinator path a noble cause

I am heartened by the enthusiasm and support for a pollinator pathway in Addison County! Thank you to all who are leading this endeavor.

I would also like to thank the many gardeners who for years have advocated for native plants and pollinator-friendly gardens. 

I don’t even know who you all are but I thank you for being forerunners in our community and for being patient with those of us slow to get on board.

Anna Rose Benson was the gardener for many years at Ilsley Public Library. Her loving care and thoughtful plant choices brought us such a variety of birds, bees, butterflies and insects — right in the middle of downtown!

Judith Irven in her monthly articles in the Addison Independent have have us to appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons and encouraged us to help grow that beauty.

Marijke Niles spread the word on the work of Doug Tallamy, author of “Bringing Nature Home.” Her glorious nursery in Starksboro sells all manner of native plants that critters love. I appreciate that for years she has encouraged us to be a bit messy. On her website she has written, “It is sometimes difficult to change our minds about what the right look is, But believe me, it is so wonderful to let go of being neat! Nature will thank you!”

Susan Humphrey


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